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INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 2 LIBRARY ASSIGNEMNT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

INDIVIDUAL bedevil 2 LIBRARY ASSIGNEMNT - Essay ExampleAn organization ordain need dreamers, doers, strategizers, organizers and team builders just to bring up a few. This is a subject that pull up stakes create major impact for leveraging the best of the employees limn for the best results for the company. To allow for this kind of organization to occur, the organization as a whole must fill training on diversity and the hiring principles that will help us to make that happen. We will present a plan, here on how best to accomplish this change.To begin, there must be an established approach to the business of education of something as upstart and different as diversity education. We will confront the data, sh are it broadly, and use up it to define as precisely as possible where our greatest energy will need to be applied. We will share case studies and refine the information from them through discussion in the groups where they are applied. We will engage everyone by listen ing to them throughout all discussions, to better understand what their learning needs are. Our measureable objectives which are listed on the teaching plan at the follow of this document will be shared with the learners and actions will follow.We will survey all those involved in the education prior to the training and then again after the training to assure that there is a better understanding of cross cultural issues and the richness of those to the company in general. Once the education is carried out per the education plan following this document, we will continually reeducate to assure that this is a process that continues to work throughout the system. We will also assure that any new employees go through the whole training as part of their orientation to the company.We believe like so many companies that have leveraged diversity for the betterment of the company that the senior management team must be on board first. Research shows that this is a process that must be drive n from the top downward and so the education for

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HCM337-0704B-01 Current Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in H - Essay - 3

HCM337-0704B-01 Current Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in H - Phase 2 Discussion Board - Essay ExampleNAPs Ethical Guidelines for overlord Care Services in a Managed Health Care Environment (1999) put patients at the take in of their priorities. Their commitment for a patient-focused care means that they would rigidly observe the rights of their patients such as the right to make believe access to appropriate professional services, the health cares obligation to meet with patients satisfaction, and the healthcare providers duty to provide delivery by uniquely trained personnel when complexness of the patients condition requires the knowledge and expertise beyond those of the primary care provider.Failure of submission to these ethical guidelines can result to major penalties. A case documented by Klein and Campbell (2006) wherein members of the groups clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory, and 2 Michigan-based consulting and management services companies were sued by the government because or their alleged submission of $1.3 million in false claims to Medicare and Medicaid. The government also argued that the defendants engaged in fraudulent conspiracy by offering referring physicians a discounted price for a routine, automated chemistry panel. After the accused were proven guilty, they were, under the False Claims Act, potentially liable for 3 times $1.3 million, or $3.9 million, penalties of up to $10,000 for each of the 134,655 claims, and $116,000 for the cost of the investigation by the OIG. The physicians, who interchange the laboratory to Corning in 1995 for $6.6 million, denied breaking any laws, but in 1998 settled with the government for $875,000. The consulting companies and their owner, whom the pathologists argued put into prepare the challenged billing practice, settled for $35,000.With the information supplied by other postings about my current and future health work, I can see outright the repercussions that might

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Damage Caused By Oil Spills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Damage Caused By Oil Spills - Essay ExampleIn terms of property damage, there are certain laws that have been enacted owing to which people can take up for damages caused by the negative approach or negligence. However, individual or business units often track the claim against a particular damage. This can be apparently seen in the cases of LOVELACE v. FIGURE SALON, INC and NATIONAL glass over WHOLESALERS, INC. v. CHIPURNOI, INC. In this particular case held in the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the plaintiffs i.e. Marilyn Lovelace and her husband prosecuted a fitness facilities business eat by named My equitable Lady. The business provides fitness equipment to its clients with the aim of improving their health and fitness. However, Marilyn Lovelace got injured from the equipment provided by My Fair Lady. The business further denied from entertaining any of the claims of the plaintiff on the ground of the contract signed amid the cardinal parties. The defendant claimed that the contract signed by the plaintiff clearly mentioned that the use of the equipment by the customers for any ferment is entirely at their own risk. Hence, the defendant denied entertaining any claim of the plaintiff on the aforementioned(prenominal) ground (Leagle, Inc. 2014). In this particular case, National Candy Wholesalers, Inc (NCW) had taken a particular space of capital of Georgia Civic Center for lease. The company further provided a portion of the lease space to manufacturers of candies to showcase their products among which Chipurnoi was likewise included.

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Drug Testing Network INC Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Drug Testing profit INC - Research Paper exercisingThe see to it that any user has on Drug Testing Network INC website is not fascinating as compargond the competitors websites. Experience on the website is very important since it captures the interest of the website user who is aimed to get information. Drug Testing Network INC should gear towards making sure that its website is pretty with rich content. The company should ensure that there is an exceptional online experience for every person visiting and revisiting the website. The website should have an appealing effect on the senses as well as arousing a profound desire that is linked with the brand through enveloping each visitor on the website. Therefore, it is very important for Drug Testing Network INC to make sure that the website is appealing enough to square up positive influence of any website visitor. Building an online experience can be easy and challenging depending on the approach that the company desires to choos e. First, it will be important for Drug Testing Network INC to ensure that the website has features that are flashier than the competitors. The website can be designed in such a way that it incorporates animations, captivating sound effects, videos on the website, increase microsite and content on the website. All these effects should not be made in such a way that they cloud the content of the information. Drug Testing Network INC should consider a time-honored web agency and other interactive media companies to give them e-business advice.

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Tort Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Tort Law - Essay ExampleFurthermore, the righteousness of tort does not select on the whole type of injury as a foundation of claim. For instance, tort law does not do an injury suffered during a football match. The reason behind this is lack of the legal duty on any individual player. Tort classifies duties into two general categories The duties not to injure full stop-regarding the commission of activities that the law recognizes as hazardous and the duties not to injure negligently, recklessly, or intentionally. Strict liability regulates the behaviors observed in the fountain instance of duties, while fault liability governs the conduct in the later form of duties (Elliot & Quinn 2007). A sketch From To Date CASE 1 Facts Diane owns a garden centre in a rural area. She specializes in the growing and selling orchids, which need to be reared in a extremely warm climate. She constructed a chassis of greenhouses which are all heated with large storage tanks containing heating oil. Due to internal corrosion of the tanks, the oil escapes and contaminates some vegetables growing on a farm belonging to Juliana, her neighbor. The oil also escapes onto the public driveway and Juliana, who is driving along the road at the time, skids and crashes her car. She suffers a cut and a broken arm. Issues 1- What are the elements of the influence in Ryland v Fletcher? Whether there is a possibility that she could sue under this rule or not 2- What type of slander is recoverable under this rule? 3- How is the liability for fire assessed? 4- What are the elements for private painful sensation? Does she, as a neighbor, has a possibility of being successful in this course of action? 5- What alter are... The rule of Ryland against Fletcher concerns strict liability. It states that when a person occupying a piece of land uses something on it, which can star topology to damage to its escape and keeps it permanently on land, will be responsible for any damage that whitet horn arise as a result of the escape. This rule usually includes rescuing many things, such as pestilential vegetation, electricity, couples and blush harmful people. It is applicable in the following necessary conditions first, there must be an hap from the defendants land to a place outside his occupation. Secondly, the use of land should be normal, taking into account all the circumstances. It does not matter whether a person knows or does not know about the danger at the time when he brings dangerous things to his land and uses them. However, a person is not liable for damage if The damage results from the action of God, that is, actions that can not be prevented by any amount of human foresight or care If the occurrence occurs as a result of the plaintiffs own fault And in case of near work, supported both in favor of the plaintiff and the defendant. It is extremely important to note that Reyland sued Fletcher because of Fletchers negligence He himself was not careless, as he hired competent contractors to build a reservoir. He was not even aware of the mess from the contractors. It was contractors who were careless, not acting immediately, to prevent future losses that might arise as a result of the disorder they discovered.

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General Overview of Organized Crime Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

General Overview of form Crime - Term Paper ExampleKnowing its complex body part and operation could spell the difference betwixt life and death both for those who ar meant to put them down and to those who may be their unfortunate targets or victims. Proactively defending against them, or courageously advocating and fighting against them require a broad understanding of their inner workings. Websters-online-dictionary defines organised crime as underworld organization. It further defines underworld as wicked class. These definitions presupposed a definite group of people within but underneath the class structure of society who are formed into organizations engaged in unlawful activities. A more detailed and definite definition of form crime, however, has become problematic beca uptake of their variety and diversity (Lampe). Lampe collected over 100 definitions mavin among is that by Albanese which act to summarize three decades of literature into the following definition Or ganized crime is a continuing criminal enterprise that rationally works to profit from illicit activities its continuing existence is maintained through the use of force, threats, monopoly control, and/or the corruption of public officials. (Lampe, Albanese, 2000 411). An overview of organized crime and its structure as a worldwide phenomenon slew be gleaned from a paper on the Russian organized crime around the world presented by Margaret E. Beare. She cited the three-legged tripod depiction of organized crime by the Canadian police as being analogous a three-legged tripod consisting of the bureaucracy including politicians and security officials, underground business persons, and the professional criminals. And the merging of these three into one entity makes them a formidable enemy of the law. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, however, reports the more flexible and diversified structure of organized crime groups.

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Internet protocol and VoIP security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Internet protocol and VoIP security - Essay ExampleFurther in this dissertation we de break dance identify strengths and weaknesses in VoIP and acknowledging areas suitable for further development.VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in simple words would be transmission of voice signal over internet such as drink and H.323. There are a toilets of other protocols which are used in VoIP technology such as UDP etc., but I think the most heavy of all would be SIP. This is because SIP is used by VoIP for establishing and terminating a session. So as we said SIP handles the setup, modification and responsible for ending a session betwixt two terminals, these buns be transmitted over internet use both UDP or TCP.H.323 is the exemplar for using audio-video protocol over the internet. It comes recommended by ITU (International Telecommunications Union). http//www.itu.int/net/home/index.aspx .VoIP is emerging as a bran-new technology and becoming precise popular. Even with this po pularity VoIP has serious issues that need to be looked into. One is QoS and the other is Security. QoS is an important issue because IP was never designed to carry real time content such as voice. ( Lima et.al 2006)SIP is also an important factor of VoIP because as we know SIP stands for Session internet protocol. SIP are used for authentication create or terminate calls. SIP calls can be either established over UDP or TCP protocols. Improving security directly effects QoS. Security may also be enhanced by AES (Advance Encryption standard) is capable of using cryptographic keys of 128, 192, and 256 bits to encrypt and trace data in blocks of 128 bits. (CSRC 2001) Based on my research and as stated by Carrole Bassil et al in Critical VPN Security Analysis and New Approach for Securing VoIP Communications over VPN Networks the best security is practical(prenominal) private network (VPN) and the most VPN solution for tunneling. VPN are created using encoding, authentication and tu nneling. The basic idea derriere using VPN is to have a secure network from point-to-point. VPN certainly increase the security but encryption volition cause delays in VoIP, therefore the solution would be to have some kind of SLA (service take agreement) implemented in the network which can be achieved by MPLS.During my research for VoIP it was observed that a lot of works has been done from the prospective of securing the network such as using firewalls, or improving the encryption etc, but there was no attempt of securing the network and maintaining the QoS at the same time. According to Fernando Manchini Serenato and Juergen Rochol in future telecom and data network will be integrated into one and in this situation it will be important to maintain QoS. Presently most of the internet infrastructure supports only best endeavor service which means there are no guarantees if the information will be delivered. In this limited and many other articles MPLS has been discussed in g eneral and have not been specifically used for VoIP. The major part of this project would be where I will design a solution to secure the VoIP network using IPsec tunnel, and MPLS for managing the QoS. The solution I will propose is traffic engineering with MPLS, because it plays a major role IP Network by delivering QoS as well as traffic engineering features. Manchini Serenato and Juergen Rochol believe that MPLS will very soon will be adopted in all network because different QoS of services can be implemented such as