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Medical Assisting Essay Example for Free

Medical Assisting Essay Medical Assistants are crucial people in the medical field. â€Å"Medical Assistants are multi-skilled members of the health care team who perform administrative and clinical procedures under the supervision of a licensed health care provider such as a nurse or doctor.†(American Association of Medical Assistants, Library) Medical Assistants do have a variety of different duties that they have to perform on a day to day basis. As a medical assistant, a person will have administrative and clinical duties; work with nurses and doctors, and comply with OSHA and HIPAA guidelines. Some of the administrative duties a person might have to perform as a medical assistant include: â€Å"greeting patients, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, answering telephones, creating and maintaining patient medical records, handling billing and insurance processing, and performing medical transcriptions.† (K. Booth, L. Whicker, T. Wyman, S.M. Wright 2008-2011) All of these administrative duties that a medical assistant does, they must remember to follow HIPAA guidelines and privacy of the patient. (HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.) If a medical assistant fails to follow these guidelines they could possibly face legal charges such as: fines, imprisonment, and/or loss of job. There was a case in Kansas were a man was suspended for unknown causes but, did have to go to court to see if an immediate danger to the public health, safety, or welfare requiring immediate state agency action. said presiding officer Dr. Nancy Welsh. Some of the clinical duties a medical assistant might have to perform include: â€Å"assisting the doctor during the examination of a patient, infection control, performing tests (urinalysis, blood work, ECGS(Electrocardiogram)) , preparing and giving injections and medications, phlebotomy (blood work), disposing of contaminated supplies, preparing patient for examination, vital signs and medical histories, preparing the exam room before and after examination of a patient, removing of sutures or changing dressings on wounds, and sterilizing equipment.†(K. Booth, L. Whicker, T. Wyman, S.M. Wright, 2008-2011) With all of the clinical duties, as well as the administrative duties, a medical assistant must remember to follow the HIPAA guidelines. Depending on the office a medical assistant works in will depend on the clinical duties they will be preforming. For example, if a medical assistant is assisting a surgeon or a surgical technician they might have duties like: sterilizing e quipment, making sure the operating room is stocked properly with supplies(gauze, medical tape, suture kits), and talking with the patient about the procedure. As a medical assistant there are certain values or qualifications that you need to have. These qualifications might include: critical thinking skills, time management, empathy, attention to detail, flexibility, professionalism, neat appearance, positive attitude, remaining calm in a crisis, team work, proper judgment, and good communication skills. (K. Booth, L. Whicker, T. Wyman, S.M. Wright, 2008-2011) Such things as time management, empathy, attention to detail, neat appearance, and positive attitude are extremely important in the medical field. No patient wants to be taken care of by someone who is rude, has a negative attitude, does not exhibit proper hygiene, or who just plainly doesn’t care about the patient. In the medical profession, professionalism is something that a person must have! The difference between a CMA and an RMA is: a CMA is a certified medical assistant and an RMA is a registered medical assistant ( A certified medical assistant has only a state wide certification. In order to practice in another state a person would have to transfer their certification to that state. It is different for a registered medical assistant. For a registered medical assistant it is nationwide, which means a person does not have to transfer anything. A person with a RMA can practice anywhere in the U.S., but a person with a CMA would have to transfer their certification first before they could practice in that state. The current issues that medical assisting face is that they are a â€Å"new breed† into the medical field. Which means that a person with a degree in medical assisting; might find it hard to find a job right now. The job field for medical assisting is growing and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the field is to grow 31% in the years to come. (Bureau of Labor Statistics; Publications; Job Outlook 2010-20). So, in the next few years, medical assisting should be as common as certified nursing assistants are today. The median average pay for medical assistant right now is around $28,860 a year or around $13.87 per hour. For more information about Medical Assistants you can visit the following websites: ( American Association of Medical Assistants), (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education), (American Medical Technologists), (Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthmology), and (American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants). These websites have helped me a great deal with not only research but, questions that I have had about my degree as a Medical Assistant. I know that they have helped me and I hope that they will help others with either questions they have or concerns that they might have about the medical assistant degree or duties. Becoming a Medical Assistant takes hard work and dedication. Working as a Medical Assistant takes even more hard work. Medical Assistants do a lot to help doctors and nurses every day. Some of the things they do for them are: answering the phone so that patients can make or cancel appointments or to answer a question they might have, preparing the patient and the room for the patient, doing blood work for the doctor or nurse, handling insurance paperwork, giving medication or getting it ready for the nurse, and cleaning up after the doctor is done with the patient’s examination. Medical Assistants are a very important part of the everyday duties in the medical field. REFERENCES Bureau of Labor Statistics; summary; job outlook. American Association of Medical Assistants website (; become a CMA. Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Procedures with Anatomy and Physiology, 4e; Kathryn A. Booth, Leesa G. Whicker, Terri D. Wyman and Sandra Moaney Wright; Pages 9,26-38 License of medical assistant suspended Hutchinson News, The (KS), Apr 07, 2012 Newspaper Source; Kaplan Library

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A Jack of All Trades: The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace :: essays research papers

A JACK OF ALL TRADES: The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace Introduction There are literally hundreds of desirable traits in the workplace. Of these, one of the arguably most important is to be well-rounded in the workplace. Many skills can assist an individual in being a well-rounded employee. Oral communication skills, written communication skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership skills, adaptation skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills and analytic abilities are some of the key factors to a well-rounded employee. While these skills all seem to be of equal ability to the well-rounded employee, the scope of this paper will only delve into a few of the skills preceding. Technical skills, oral communication skills and leadership skills will all be detailed in this review in an attempt to help you (the reader) become a well-rounded employee. Technical Skills in the Workplace Technical skills are the formal name for the knowledge to perform the task at hand. One acquires technical skills by training in formal school systems or in the work environment. Experience is probably one of the most important factors in growing your technical skill in a subject. The importance of technical skills in the workplace is undeniable. Without the knowledge of the subject at hand, there is virtually no way possible to be a well-rounded person. Without technical skills you are not likely to be able to even do the job at hand. Here’s a brief story for example about an individual in the workplace, and how his lack of technical skills hindered his ability to be well rounded in the workplace, and eventually cost him his job. John was a college graduate with a degree in Computer Science. He had completed his degree with a GPA of 3.5. He began his search for a job immediately following his graduation and landed a great job in the technology field based on his merit and because of his professionalism and great communication skills. However, John had very little practical knowledge that is used in the IT field. He had no past experience beyond his degree, no industry level certifications. While his education had trained him in many different facets of computer technology, he lacked the one driving technical skill to help him determine where he would be best suited. It turns out the job that he landed was in computer networking, and when his initial review came up in 3 months, the company decided that they were going to let him go because of his lack of technical skills and because they wanted someone more experienced who actually knew how to do the job.

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Marine pollution

Introduction of man, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the marine environment (including estuaries) resulting in such deleterious effects as harm to living resources, hazard to human health, hindrance to marine activities including fishing, impairment of quality for use of sea-water, and reduction of amenities. Marine pollution occurs when harmful, or potentially harmful, effects result from the entry into the ocean of chemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural and residential waste, noise, or the spread of invasive organisms. Most sources of marine ollution are land based. In the past many substances were recklessly dumped in the ocean and it was assumed that they could be easily absorbed without any damage to the marine environment. Ocean dumping includes such materials as sewage sludge, industrial waste, explosives, and particularly huge quantities of dredge spoils.Marine pollution includes a range of threats including from land-based sources, oil spills, un treated sewage, heavy siltation, eutrophication (nutrient enrichment), Invasive species, persistent organic pollutants (POPS), heavy metals from mine tailings and other sources, cidification, radioactive substances, marine litter, overfishing and destruction of coastal and marine habitats There are three main types of inputs of pollution into the ocean: Direct discharge of waste into the oceans, =>Pollutants enter rivers and the sea directly from urban sewerage and industrial waste discharges, sometimes in the form of hazardous and toxic wastes. ining for copper, gold. etc. , is another source of marine pollution. Most of the pollution is simply soil, which ends up in rivers flowing to the sea. Runoff into the waters due to rain, Surface runoff from farming, as well as urban runoff and runoff from the construction of roads, buildings, ports, channels, and harbours, can carry soil and particles laden with carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and minerals.This nutrient-rich water can cause f leshy algae and phytoplankton to thrive in coastal areas, known as algal blooms, which nave the potential to create hypoxic conditions by using all available oxygen Pollutants that are released from the atmosphere =>Wind blown dust and debris, including plastic bags, are blown seaward from landfills and other areas. >Climate change is raising ocean temperatures and raising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These rising levels of carbon dioxide are acidifying the oceans.This, in turn, is altering aquatic ecosystems and modifying fish distributions, with impacts on the sustainability of fisheries and the livelihoods of the communities that depend on them Ship's pollution Ships can pollute waterways and oceans in many ways. Oil spills can have devastating effects. While being toxic to marine life, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), the components in crude oil, are very difficult to clean p, and last for years in the sediment and marine environment. Major effect- Impairm ent of marine life.Plankton, esp. neuston at highest risk – exposed to water soluble components leaching from oil. In Mangroves – lenticels clogged with oil oxygen level in sediments drops – death. Discharge of cargo residues from bulk carriers can pollute ports, waterways and oceans. In many instances vessels intentionally discharge illegal wastes despite foreign and domestic regulation prohibiting such actions. It has been estimated that container ships lose over 10,000 containers at sea each year (usually during storms).Ships also create noise pollution that disturbs natural wildlife Ballast water taken up at sea and released in port is a major source of unwanted exotic marine life. The invasive freshwater zebra mussels, native to the Black, Caspian and Azov seas, were probably transported to the Great Lakes via ballast water from a transoceanic vessel Invasive species can take over once occupied areas, facilitate the spread of new diseases, introduce new gen etic material, alter underwater seascapes and Jeopardize the ability of native species to obtain food.

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Technique Of Disclosure Nike Inc. Essay - 714 Words

Technique of Disclosure: Nike Inc. disclosed this relevant information that have an effect of various contingencies on financial condition by using the methods of valuation assets and liabilities, and the company’s contracts and agreements. They use parenthetical explanations, notes, cross-reference and contra items, and supporting schedules. Nike’s annual report of 2014 contains many supporting schedules in order to illustrate and reinforced what was disclosed in a particular section such as the summary of significant accounting policies. Within this section asset accounts such as cash and cash investments, foreign currency contracts and accounts receivable accounts are discussed in detail. The section speaks on the gains or losses occurring from the accounts as well as what major transactions have occurred to affect the accounts. Along with this information are the methods and assumptions that were utilized to estimate the fair value of each class of financial instru ments. Along with all this information for the external user to view is the addition of a supporting schedule. Nike, Inc. needs a separate schedule to present more detailed information about certain assets or liabilities, which is what is done within the section in order to draw the attention to the observer to this specific fact that Nike feels is important for the external reader to know. This is seen within all the annual report from 2012 to 2014. Many parenthetical explanations are utilized within theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Nike: Just Do It2850 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction Nike, Inc. is a sporting goods and apparel company founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1972. Nike, being a world-wide phenomenon, has â€Å"more than 35,000 employees across six continents and in more than 160 countries around the globe. Through our suppliers, shippers, retailers and other service providers, we directly or indirectly employ nearly one million people† (Nike, Inc.). All this is done to help Nike fulfill their goal to â€Å"carry on [Bill Bowerman’s] legacy of innovativeRead MoreLegal Environment of Business1988 Words   |  8 Pagesthe USA counting for seventy percents of its sales. Situated in the fringes of Lake Dira in the state of Erehwon, Alumina Inc. has business interests in automotive components and manufacture of packaging materials, bauxite mining, etc. Alumina Inc. falls under the jurisdiction of region six of the EPA. There was a routine EPA evaluation inspection five years ago, and Alumina Inc. was found guilty in violation of environmental discharge norms. This was the only bad incident in company s records.Read MoreBeginning The Audit Report A Essay2026 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ Beginning the Audit Report October 25, 2007 Mr. Joe Bootwell Executive Senior Vice-President CFO Apollo Shoes, Inc 100 Shoe Plaza Shoetown, Maine 00001 Dear Mr. Bootwell, Thank you for choosing Team D Auditing for your audit needs. This letter is to inform you on how we plan to begin the audit process for your company. We will be performing an audit on the financial statements for Apollo Shoes for the year ended December 31, 2007 in order to provide reasonable assurance that the statementsRead MoreAdidas Marketing Plan20768 Words   |  84 PagesAdidas†©has†©been†©around†©since†©1924†©and†©has†©grown†©to†©be†©one†©of†©the†©top†©companies†©in†© providing†©a†©variety†©of†©high†©quality†©products†©to†©consumers†©interested†©in†©sports.†©It†©is†© currently†©the†©number†©two†©brand†©in†©the†©sporting†©goods†©industry,†©trailing†©its†©main†© competitor†©Nike.†©Adidas†©has†©a†©strong†©focus†©on†©both†©performance†©and†©style,†©as†©opposed†©to†© Nike’s†©more†©pure†©performance†©emphasis.†©Adidas†©is†©currently†©surviving†©in†©its†©market†©but†© has†©many†©barriers†©holding†©it†©back†©from†©becoming†©a†©more†©dominant†©and†©thriving†©company.†©Read MoreAdidas Marketing Plan20779 Words   |  84 PagesAdidas†©has†©been†©around†©since†©1924†©and†©hasâ⠂¬ ©grown†©to†©be†©one†©of†©the†©top†©companies†©in†© providing†©a†©variety†©of†©high†©quality†©products†©to†©consumers†©interested†©in†©sports.†©It†©is†© currently†©the†©number†©two†©brand†©in†©the†©sporting†©goods†©industry,†©trailing†©its†©main†© competitor†©Nike.†©Adidas†©has†©a†©strong†©focus†©on†©both†©performance†©and†©style,†©as†©opposed†©to†© Nike’s†©more†©pure†©performance†©emphasis.†©Adidas†©is†©currently†©surviving†©in†©its†©market†©but†© has†©many†©barriers†©holding†©it†©back†©from†©becoming†©a†©more†©dominant†©and†©thriving†©company.†©Read MoreLululemon Athletica Inc.: Annual Report44040 Words   |  177 Pagesyear ended January 29, 2012 OR     ¨ |TRANSITION REPORT PURSUANT TO SECTION  13 OR 15(d) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934| For the transition period from  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  to  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Commission file number 001-33608       lululemon athletica inc. (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)    ||| Delaware|  |20-3842867| (State or other jurisdiction of incorporation or organization)|  |(I.R.S. Employer Identification Number)| ||| 1818 Cornwall Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia|  |V6JRead MoreKfc Marketing Strategies20155 Words   |  81 Pages(Includes national and local contributions) The above amounts do not include the initial investment required to construct the restaurant building, training expenses, grand opening expenses or opening inventory. Please refer to the KFC Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Item 7, for more in-depth information on the total investment. How long will it take to get approved as a franchisee? Initial qualification involves a series of background checks and interviews and generally takes 10-12 weeksRead MoreEsquel Group14861 Words   |  60 Pages Acknowledgements Civic Exchange acknowledges the assistance and guidance of the following individuals and organizations in preparing this report: Ray Anderson, Interface Inc. Brenda Bateman, International Resources Group Mike Bertolucci, Interfac e Inc. E. Milton Bevington, Servidyne Systems, LLC Paula Lawton Bevington, Servidyne Systems, LLC Glenn Frommer, Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation The Esquel Group Civic Exchange also thanks the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking (HSBC) CorporationRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 PagesPublished by McGraw-Hill, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. Copyright  © 2012 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Previous editions  © 2009, 2006, and 2003. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., including, but not limited to, in any network or other electronicRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesWILEY SONS, INC. VICE PRESIDENT PUBLISHER EXECUTIVE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR PRODUCTION MANAGER PRODUCTION ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE MARKETING MANAGER ASSISTANT MARKETING MANAGER MARKETING ASSISTANT DESIGN DIRECTOR SENIOR DESIGNER SENIOR MEDIA EDITOR George Hoffman Lise Johnson Carissa Doshi Dorothy Sinclair Matt Winslow Amy Scholz Carly DeCandia Alana Filipovich Jeof Vita Arthur Medina Allison Morris This book was set in 10/12 New Caledonia by Aptara ®, Inc. and printed