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Engineering Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Engineering Management - Coursework Example Management style has an important role to play as appropriate management style can help employees perform their tasks efficiently and achieve their targets, meet organizational goals, keep the employees motivated and help organization make efficient decisions (Bryman, 1993). Not only this, management style has a major part to play in creating the organizational culture. This report highlights about the management style of one of the most renowned companies of the world, Apple Inc. The management style of the previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Apple has been analyzed and advantages and disadvantages of his leadership style have been discussed. Also the report provides different types of recommendation to the management of Ili Electronics Inc. to implement some of the characteristics in the company that could be helpful in increasing the morale and motivation of the employees and at the same time improve the productivity and profitability of the company. ... In an autocratic management style, the decision making authority and power lies with the top management of the organization and employees are not allowed to make their decisions. In such a management style, the employees of the organization are supposed to follow the instructions and orders given to them by the manager. Apple operates in an industry where innovation and creativity are very important factors, and other firms in the same industry encourage employees to think and be innovative and come up with different ideas (Silicon Beach Training News, 2011). In Apple the decisions are imposed, whereas in Google the management has given employees to the option to select the project they would like to work on and with whom they would like to work with thus these two management styles have been contrasting but both have been successful. 20% of the employees working time have been allocated by Google to come up with their own software concepts and ideas whereas all kinds of thinking and planning is done at the top level at Apple (McInerney, 2011). ADVANTAGES OF MANAGEMENT STYLE OF STEVE JOBS There are several advantages of the autocratic style of leadership which was adopted by Steve Jobs and these advantages are described below Standards Pre-defined In an autocratic management style, there are standards that are to be followed by the employees therefore they know what is expected of them and thus they can perform their tasks accordingly which would lead to the organizational objectives. Supervision In such a management style, the supervisors are present to guide the employees wherever they get stuck or faces problems and generally supervisors or managers are experienced and they have the

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Troll Brothers SWOT Analysis Essay Example for Free

Troll Brothers SWOT Analysis Essay Toll Brothers designs, builds, markets and arranges financing for single family homes in middle and high income residential communities. It caters to ‘move-up’, ‘empty-nester’ and ‘age-qualified’ homebuyers. During the five years ended 2006, the company delivered 33,338 homes from 570 communities, including 8,601 homes from 350 communities in fiscal 2006 (Toll Brothers website, 2008). Its large scale of operations increases Toll Brothers bargaining power and helps it compete effectively against regional players. However, slowdown in the US housing market has resulted in lower demand for the companys products and has adversely affected its operations (Stabile and Whitten, 2000). The company offers comprehensive services for its customers. The company offers an extensive selection of colors and designs, such as marble and hardwood floors, Corian, granite, and a variety of selections for the homes exterior. The company’s offering of one-stop shopping enables home buyers to make all of their selections, both customization and color selections, in one location. In most of its single-family detached-home communities, the company offer at least four different house floor plans, each with several substantially different architectural styles. During the past year, the company introduced 112 new single-family detached models, 82 new single-family attached models and 81 new condominium models. In the homebuilding industry, consolidation has taken place with the largest builders making significant gains in market share. In 1991, the top ten builders built just 9% of the houses in the US, but by 2001, through a combination of internal growth and acquisition, the number had risen to 18%; in 2003, the number was above 20% (Hassell, Wong, Houser, Knopman and Bernstein, 2003). Homebuilding is an industry where small builders are having increasing difficulty in competing with their larger competitors. Compared to this, bigger companies like Toll Brothers could acquire smaller players to increase its share of the market. WORKS CITED Hassell, S., Wong, A., Houser, A., Knopman, D. Bernstein, M. (2003). Building Better Homes: Government Strategies for Promoting Innovation in Housing. Santa Monica, California: Rand. Stabile, D. Whitten, D. (2000). Community Associations: The Emergence and Acceptance of a Quiet Innovation in Housing. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Toll Brothers website. (2008). Toll Brothers. Accessed March 25, 2008, from

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Essay on Character Movement in James Joyces Dubliners -- Dubliners Es

Character Movement in Dubliners  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   In a letter to his publisher, Grant Richards, concerning his collection of stories called Dubliners, James Joyce wrote: My intention was to write a chapter of the moral history of my country and I chose Dublin for the scene because that city seemed to me the centre of paralysis. I have tried to present it to the indifferent public under four of its aspects: childhood, adolescence, maturity, and public life. The stories are arranged in this order. I have written it for the most part in a style of scrupulous meanness and with the conviction that he is a very bold man who dares to alter in the resentment, still more to deform, whatever he has seen and heard (Peake 2). Joyce's passion for Dublin presents itself in the copious detail he uses in Dubliners. No street name, tower, pub, or church is left unspecified. Joyce often boasted to his brother Stanislaus that if Dublin were to disappear off the face of the earth, it would not be difficult to reconstruct it, simply based on Joyce's work (Walzl 169). Though all but three of the Dubliners stories were written while Joyce was in self-imposed exile form Ireland, he describes strolls his characters took throughout Dublin, carefully noting every turn of every street corner. The movements Joyce notes are not arbitrary, but symbolic. Joyce intended for his audience to give special attention to the direction of the characters' movements. In most of the stories, the East symbolizes willful exile and escape. Movements westward indicate acceptance of corruption and eternal paralysis. In Dubliners, Joyce uses symbolic physical movement to trace the different stages of paralysis in his characters. In the three childhood stories, "Sist... ...ements of his book" (60). The movements of Joyce's characters in his work Dubliners offer a telling picture of where Joyce predicted the city of Dublin was headed. Works Cited Bidwell, Bruce and Linda Heffer. The Joycean Way: A Topographic Guide to Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Johns Hopkins: Baltimore, 1981. Gifford, Don. Joyce Annotated: Notes for Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. University of California: Berkeley, 1982. Joyce, James. Dubliners. Penguin Books: New York, 1975. Peake, C.H. James Joyce: The Citizen and the Artist. Stanford University: Stanford, 1977. Tindall, William York. A Reader's Guide to James Joyce. Noonday Press: New York, 1959. Walzl, Florence L. "Dubliners." A Companion Study to James Joyce. Ed. Zack Bowen and James F. Carens. Greenwood Press: London, 1984.   

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Stomp the Yard Review

Last night I watched one of the most unforgetable drama and dance movie; Stomp the Yard. The movie was about a young man called DJ Williams who is in a dance crew called the â€Å"Goon Squad† with his brother Duron and other friends. They were battling for a big deal of money and beat the home crew. The home crew responds by attacking the Goon Squad after the battle. Duron saves his older brother from getting beat up but ends up getting killed by a gun shot.DJ Williams gets arrested and ends up living with his aunt Jackie and Uncle Nate in Atlanta, Georgia. He is sent to attend Truth University where he meets April Palmer, a student, who eventually becomes his lover. Several fights occur throught out the movie between April's boyfriend and DJ. Eventually April goes with DJ and leaves Grant, her boyfriend which angers her father, the head of the university. During his stay at Truth University DJ gets introduced to a new dance called Steppin'.DJ then teaches his new crew some of his old krumping moves back from Los Angeles. They combined the two dance coreographies which made them win their final round in the National Steppin' Competition. I really enjoyed this movie and the dance moves were extremely extraordinary and exotic. The cast was also something I enjoyed about the movie. There were famous stars acting in the movie such as Ne-Yo, Columbus Short, Megan Good, Brian White and Chris Brown. I strongly recommend anyone to watch this movie. You will not regret watching it!

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Letter of recom

He has been a student In the â€Å"Computer networks† and laboratory sessions In â€Å"Computer networks and case tools† and â€Å"Network programming† during the IT program at EWES college. I have worked with many students having essential knowledge In Information technology. Every year I notice that a few outstanding students offer a unique perspective and really embrace their learning of the subject matter. Mr.. EX. has consistently shown such a strong desire in practical subjects to learn, that I simply loud not turn down his request for recommendation.At numerous occasions, he would contact me after the class and try to understand logics behind various programming. Also, he contributed astutely to class-room discussions that proved his intellectual might. He asked most penetrating questions about the subject being discussed and explicated his ideas with effortless impromptu grace. During discussion of case studies, he was highly effectual in applying the cou rse material In analyzing the problem situations. He explained his views very concisely, clear and coaxing. He performed good leadership skills when Involved In group project.During several team case studies, he took charge of the team and he was aware of strengths and limitations of his team members and assigned task accordingly. He Is very well liked and respected by both peers and his professors. He continues to impress me with his knowledge, skill and dedication to his work. I'm sure you will find him to be a student whose talents will only shine further through your graduate program. It is my sincere hope that you will accept his application to your university with financial assistance.Please feel free to contact me if you require further information. Yours truly, proof. BBC Head of Department, Information Technology, EWES college. Letter of recon By Cahill-Guava student in the â€Å"Computer networks† and laboratory sessions in â€Å"Computer networks have worked with many students having essential knowledge in information discussion of case studies, he was highly effectual in applying the course material in coaxing. He performed good leadership skills when involved in group project. During and limitations of his team members and assigned task accordingly.

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In Shakespeares tragic play Hamlet, the main ch Essays

In Shakespeare's tragic play Hamlet, the main ch Essays In Shakespeare's tragic play "Hamlet", the main character Hamlet is one of the most complex characters throughout all of literature. In this play, Hamlet deals with his uncle killing his father, marrying his mother, and becoming the new king. Hamlets character traits only add to the hardship he faces. The fact that Hamlet is a thinker, passionate, and faithful which are all good traits only makes his situation harder. Being a thinker is a good thing, but often times it can get you in a little bit of a mess because it can lead you to over think things. When the ghost appears to Hamlet and tells him what had happened and Claudius killed him, Hamlet knows he should avenge his father's murderer. It just does not work out that easy for him because he starts thinking all of the "what ifs" so to speak. Hamlet thinks of almost everything that makes killing Claudius harder and complicates it more than it has to be. Hamlet wonders if the ghost of his father is a demon that is just trying to get Hamlet to kill Claudius. Also, the shady appearance of his mother marrying his uncle only two months after the death of his father causes Hamlet to wonder if his mother has any part in killing his father so Claudius will have the power of the crown. The consequences of Hamlet over thinking his plot to avenge his fathers death causes much more tragedy than needed to happen. His mother, two people he thought were his f riends, Laertes, Polonius, Ophelia, and Hamlet himself all die because of his late decision to finally kill Claudius. Besides being an over thinker, Hamlet was also very passionate about everything he does. One example of this is Hamlets love for Ophelia. He tries so hard to get her attention and when he has it he lets her know how he really feels about her. From writing the notes to her or giving advice to her about guys and not getting played by one. Hamlet is also passionate about his friendship with Horatio. He has trust with him that he has with no one else. He actually reveals his feelings with Horatio which he does not do with anyone. Another way you can tell Hamlet has passion is how emotional he is when he is talking. Hamlet has many soliloquies, arguments, and conversations with other characters that show his passion. His passion is very evident in his conversation with is mother when he is telling her that Claudius murdered King Hamlet to the point that she becomes afraid. Also when Hamlet was telling Horatio to swear he would not tell any one about his plan to pretend to be insane., he s aid he would kill his best friend if he told any one. Hamlet stuck with any and every thing he would do. Whether it was listening to his fathers ghost, chasing after Opheilia, or finishing his plan to kill King Claudius, Hamlet made sure he finished his task. Listening to his fathers ghost was a hard thing for Hamlet to do. He is very skeptical about the ghost being a good or evil ghost and is not sure whether to listen to him or not. When he finally makes up his mind and decides that the ghost is a good one he listens to the ghost and takes to hear what the ghost is really saying. Even with Ophelia he never gives up on loving her. Time after time he gets turned down by her but he never gives up and he is persistent with trying to win her heart

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Free Essays on The Womens Advantage

The Women’s Advantage It seems that in times before the women’s movement, women weren’t thought of by men to be capable of being self sufficient. All a woman could do and was expected to do before today’s times was to get married, take care of the children and the house, cook meals, and do anything and everything her husband asked of her. Women weren’t expected to get a detailed education like men would. Men would often treat their wives like children making them listen and obey every command that was given. Women were often looked at as weak and incapable of intelligent thought. Because women were thought of this way, they thought this way as well pretty much until the women’s movement. These views become apparent in the readings of â€Å"A Doll’s House,† and â€Å"Trifles.† In â€Å"A Doll’s House,† a controlling father and a controlling husband treat a young lady like a child, and in turn she grows up acting like a child, or doesn’t grow up at all. Torvold, the controlling husband, talks to his wife, Nora, as if she were a child. By her being treated like this all of her life, she acted as if she were a child. This becomes more and more apparent throughout the play until the very end. It starts off by Torvold getting sick and needing to take a long vacation, which is the only thing that can save his life. Knowing this, Nora took him away for a while so that he can relax and not focus on anything. They didn’t have the money to do such a thing so Nora had to secretly borrow money from a man by the name of Krogstad. Throughout the play, Torvold finds out that Krogstad had borrowed money in the past. Torvold didn’t think it was right to spend money you didn’t have or that wasn’t your own and had said that it made him physically sick to be around such people. Knowing this, Nora tries as hard as she can to keep the secret from him so that he won’t feel the same way towards her. This is one of the many child... Free Essays on The Women's Advantage Free Essays on The Women's Advantage The Women’s Advantage It seems that in times before the women’s movement, women weren’t thought of by men to be capable of being self sufficient. All a woman could do and was expected to do before today’s times was to get married, take care of the children and the house, cook meals, and do anything and everything her husband asked of her. Women weren’t expected to get a detailed education like men would. Men would often treat their wives like children making them listen and obey every command that was given. Women were often looked at as weak and incapable of intelligent thought. Because women were thought of this way, they thought this way as well pretty much until the women’s movement. These views become apparent in the readings of â€Å"A Doll’s House,† and â€Å"Trifles.† In â€Å"A Doll’s House,† a controlling father and a controlling husband treat a young lady like a child, and in turn she grows up acting like a child, or doesn’t grow up at all. Torvold, the controlling husband, talks to his wife, Nora, as if she were a child. By her being treated like this all of her life, she acted as if she were a child. This becomes more and more apparent throughout the play until the very end. It starts off by Torvold getting sick and needing to take a long vacation, which is the only thing that can save his life. Knowing this, Nora took him away for a while so that he can relax and not focus on anything. They didn’t have the money to do such a thing so Nora had to secretly borrow money from a man by the name of Krogstad. Throughout the play, Torvold finds out that Krogstad had borrowed money in the past. Torvold didn’t think it was right to spend money you didn’t have or that wasn’t your own and had said that it made him physically sick to be around such people. Knowing this, Nora tries as hard as she can to keep the secret from him so that he won’t feel the same way towards her. This is one of the many child...

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Facts and History About the Country of Cambodia

Facts and History About the Country of Cambodia The 20th century was disastrous for Cambodia. The country was occupied by Japan in World War II and became collateral damage in the Vietnam War, with secret bombings and cross-border incursions. In 1975, the Khmer Rouge regime seized power; they would murder approximately 1/5 of their own citizens in a mad frenzy of violence. Yet not all of Cambodian history is dark and blood-drenched. Between the 9th and 13th centuries, Cambodia was home to the Khmer Empire, which left behind incredible monuments such as Angkor Wat. Hopefully, the 21st century will be much kinder to the people of Cambodia than the last one was. Capital: Phnom Pehn, population 1,300,000 Cities: Battambang, population 1,025,000, Sihanoukville, population 235,000, Siem Reap, population 140,000, Kampong Cham, population 64,000 Cambodias Government Cambodia has a constitutional monarchy, with King Norodom Sihamoni as the current head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government.  The current Prime Minister of Cambodia is Hun Sen, who was elected in 1998.  Legislative power is shared between the executive branch and the bicameral parliament, made up of the 123-member National Assembly of Cambodia and the 58-member Senate. Cambodia has a semi-functional multi-party representative democracy. Unfortunately, corruption is rampant and the government is non-transparent. Population Cambodias population is about 15,458,000 (2014 estimate).  The vast majority, 90%, are ethnic Khmer. Approximately 5% are Vietnamese, 1% Chinese, and the remaining 4% includes small populations of Chams (a Malay people), Jarai, Khmer Loeu, and Europeans. Due to the massacres of the Khmer Rouge era, Cambodia has a very young population. The median age is 21.7 years, and only 3.6% of the population is over the age of 65. (In comparison, 12.6% of US citizens are over 65.) Cambodias birth rate is 3.37 per woman; the infant mortality rate is 56.6 per 1,000 live births.  The literacy rate is 73.6%. Languages The official language of Cambodia is Khmer, which is part of the Mon-Khmer language family. Unlike nearby languages such as Thai, Vietnamese and Lao, spoken Khmer is not tonal. Written Khmer has a unique script, called abugida. Other languages in common use in Cambodia include French, Vietnamese, and English. Religion Most Cambodians (95%) today are Theravada Buddhists. This austere version of Buddhism became prevalent in Cambodia in the thirteenth century, displacing the combination of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism that was practiced previously. Modern Cambodia also has Muslim citizens (3%) and Christians (2%). Some people practice traditions derived from animism as well, alongside their primary faith. Geography Cambodia has an area of 181,040 square kilometers or 69,900 square miles. It is bordered by Thailand to the west and north, Laos to the north, and Vietnam to the east and south. Cambodia also has a 443 kilometer (275 miles) coastline on the Gulf of Thailand. The highest point in Cambodia is Phnum Aoral, at 1,810 meters (5,938 feet). The lowest point is the Gulf of Thailand coast, at sea level. West-central Cambodia is dominated by Tonle Sap, a large lake. During the dry season, its area is about 2,700 square kilometers (1,042 square miles), but during the monsoon season, it swells to 16,000 sq. km (6,177 sq. miles). Climate Cambodia has a tropical climate, with a rainy monsoon season from May to November, and a dry season from December to April. Temperatures dont vary much from season to season; the range is 21-31 °C (70-88 °F) in the dry season, and 24-35 °C (75-95 °F) in the wet season. Precipitation varies from just a trace in the dry season to over 250 cm (10 inches) in October. Economy The Cambodian economy is small, but growing quickly. In the 21st century, the annual growth rate has been between 5 and 9%. The GDP in 2007 was $8.3 billion US or $571 per capita. 35% of Cambodians live below the poverty line. The Cambodian economy is based primarily on agriculture and tourism- 75% of the workforce are farmers. Other industries include textiles manufacturing, and extraction of natural resources (timber, rubber, manganese, phosphate, and gems). Both the Cambodian rial and the US dollar are used in Cambodia, with the rial mostly given as change. The exchange rate is $1 4,128 KHR (October 2008 rate). History of Cambodia Human settlement in Cambodia dates back at least 7,000 years, and probably much farther. Early Kingdoms Chinese sources from the first century A.D. describe a powerful kingdom called Funan in Cambodia, which was strongly influenced by India. Funan went into decline in the 6th century A.D., and was supplanted by a group of ethnically-Khmer kingdoms that the Chinese refer to as Chenla. The Khmer Empire In 790, Prince Jayavarman II founded a new empire, the first to unite Cambodia as a political entity. This was the Khmer Empire, which lasted until 1431. The crown jewel of the Khmer Empire was the city of Angkor, centered around the temple of Angkor Wat. Construction began in the 890s, and Angkor served as the seat of power for more than 500 years. At its height, Angkor covered more area than modern-day New York City. Fall of the Khmer Empire After 1220, the Khmer Empire began to decline. It was attacked repeatedly by the neighboring Tai (Thai) people, and the beautiful city of Angkor was abandoned by the end of the 16th century. Thai and Vietnamese Rule After the fall of the Khmer Empire, Cambodia came under the control of the neighboring Tai and Vietnamese kingdoms. These two powers competed for influence until 1863, when France took control of Cambodia. French Rule The French ruled Cambodia for a century but viewed it as a subsidiary of the more important colony of Vietnam. During World War II, the Japanese occupied Cambodia but left the Vichy French in charge. The Japanese promoted Khmer nationalism and pan-Asian ideas. After Japans defeat, the Free French sought renewed control over Indochina. The rise of nationalism during the war, however, forced France to offer increasing self-rule to the Cambodians until independence in 1953. Independent Cambodia Prince Sihanouk ruled newly-free Cambodia until 1970 when he was deposed during the Cambodian Civil War (1967-1975). This war pitted communist forces, called the Khmer Rouge, against the US-backed Cambodian government. In 1975 the Khmer Rouge won the civil war, and under Pol Pot set to work creating an agrarian communist utopia by exterminating political opponents, monks and priests, and educated people in general. Just four years of Khmer Rouge rule left 1 to 2 million Cambodians dead- about 1/5 of the population. Vietnam attacked Cambodia and captured Phnom Penh in 1979, withdrawing only in 1989. The Khmer Rouge fought on as guerrillas until 1999. Today, though, Cambodia is a peaceful and democratic nation.

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Selection of a Cloud Computing Provider Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Selection of a Cloud Computing Provider - Essay Example There are a number of issues that companies may have with the cloud service providers. These include issues pertaining to the exit strategies as well. Generally companies make contract with providers keeping in mind the reputation that they have or referred by other industry counterparts. While the contract is at its initial stage of being formulated, none of the parties think seriously of termination of contract if they had to undertake in future. However, at the time of selection of appropriate cloud provider, it is imperative that along with the facilities the factors relating to the termination of the contract with the service providers should also be taken into account. Other inevitable issues include nature and amount of workload, the commercial viability of the project, legal and regulatory requirements and most importantly, the organization’s own strategic objectives. The nature of requirements, also has their role to play in selecting the appropriate cloud provider. For instance, the company needs to identify as to whether it has to acquire the service of cloud providers in respect of infrastructure, platform or software based. Public, private and hybrid clouds are generally formed as result of such complex requirements of the companies. So far as the implementation of cloud computing is concerned, it is conceived as the fragmented activity such that single cloud provider cannot do everything for its clients. As a result the implementation is carried out in such a manner that at the earlier stage those applications are implemented first, which have quick benefits so that continuity can be managed and disruptions can be minimized.

NHS omputer System Failures Affecting Patient Care Assignment

NHS omputer System Failures Affecting Patient Care - Assignment Example Computers have assisted man ever since their inception. This assignment describes the infusion of Information Technology in the field of health and medicine that has led to the rebirth of the said field. Technological advancements that have affected the field of health were described in the assignment and have affected the human society as a whole directly and have mostly proved to be beneficial rather than hazardous. The researcher focuses on analysis of the NHS OR NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE that is an organization that was established in UK. The core idea behind the establishment of National Health Services-NHS was to provide high quality of healthcare to all the patients. This was specially intended keeping in mind that no patient should be made to suffer because of his financial stature. Thus apart from very few procedures the NHS unanimously provides medical services to all its patients that are UK residents. Since its inception, there was always one issue or the other that inhibit ed the successful growth of the system, such as the delaying of computerized scheduled patient operations, subscription of timely and accurate medicines, failing to detect and ensure treatment of cancer patients within two weeks and those of emergent nature within four hours. The researcher analyzed and investigated problems, that were mentioned above and provided his own opinion on success of the National Health Services organization as well as some gave some recommendations and solutions found to solve the problems.

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The Human Genome Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

The Human Genome Project - Essay Example The Human Genome Project began in 1990, with the aim of establishing the DNA sequence of the whole euchromatic human genome in a period of 15 years . At the initial stage, the project was filled with scepticism from scientists and even ordinary people. One major issue raised was whether the enormous finances involved in the project would result in corresponding benefits. Nonetheless, the great success of the project is clear, the completion of Human Genome project brought a new age in medicine and also resulted in major advancements in the forms of technology applied in sequence DNA . The U.S National Institute of Health (NIH) and Department of Energy funded the launch of Human Genome project in 1990.   The labs of this project worked with international collaborators and they were able to resolve 95% of the sequence of DNA in human genome in a period of 15 years. Similarly, John Sulston in association with his colleagues at the MRC‘s laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambrid ge in the UK were working at mapping the genome of the nematode worm for a number of years. From their findings, they revealed that sequencing the entire genome of the worm was feasible . Human Genome Project in the US, it progressed well in its operations. In the United Kingdom, the MRC approached the Wellcome Trust and proposed for a new partnership to enable them get funds to facilitate the worm sequence project that John had proposed. After this proposal, things began to move quickly because the Wellcome Trust embarked its operations.

Evaluating Course Management Systems (CMS) Vendors Assignment

Evaluating Course Management Systems (CMS) Vendors - Assignment Example CMS aids organizations in managing content deployed through the internet. Organizations use web CMS in integrating the presence of their web with their other operations (Deo, 2010). This ensures that the content is current, relevant and refreshed. CMS also allows business to gain greater return and extract value from web channel, web communication and web marketing endeavors (Deo, 2010). This paper seeks to identify three CMS vendors, and compare and contrast their purchase and maintenance cost. This paper will identify three Course Management Systems Vendors; compare and contrast the functions and explain how they meet the needs and expectation of users. The first CMS vendor is the Database Vendors. This vendor include dynamic websites in which content is stored and separated from other particulars like format, style, supporting data and access rights. For example the Oracle which has had their own CMS offerings developed. This type of CMS vendor is expensive compared to the others if both maintenance and purchase. Database Vendors have understated and significant misalignment consumer group who has restricted their success in the product class (Deo, 2010). The customer model also has direct access to competent trained IT professionals who directly communicate within the organization to content producers. The second CMS vendor is the Internet Service Provider; this includes website hosting and registration of commodity business with competent and intense price which also allows switching costs. Businesses using this vendor are mainly interested in means of adding value to customers and help in what may avoid switching between vendors. This CMS vendor delivers products of content management and site building and delivery of site hosting, domain registration and site development. The products of this vendor are however conceived poorly because they are not the major game of the operation. Purchase and maintenance costs are however relatively low compared to Data base Vendors (Deo, 2010). The third CMS vendor is the Enterprise CMS Majors. This includes vendors like Vignette and EMC Documentation which produces document management among other manipulation tools and content aggregation. This vendor is used in managing non-web content. The vendor suits organizations moving documents for collaborative authoring within the organization for carefully publishing and version control (Deo, 2010). The vendor then allows content to be expanded and published in the internet. However, the application’s development path makes them completely proprietary and complicated. Installation of Enterprise CMS Major requires change management, extended timeline, financial expense, detailed training, and a committed organization in order to ensure success. This makes the cost of purchase and maintenance relatively high compared to the other types of vendors (Deo, 2010). Generally, all the three discussed CMSs are effective and meet the needs of users in vario us ways. The users benefit from these three CMSs due to their features such as: production of web pages (Chaudhari, 2009). They produce, edit and deploy web pages; systemization of web pages; turns production and web management into a system of activities delivering efficiency; simplification of website production activities. They internalize technical, communication and design complexity in the production of websites; user management as they manage users at different levels. It regulates who sees what on the site and who can edit and

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Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Social Media - Essay Example On the other hand, companies are able to create pages in these social networking sites, where customers are able to access information, which is significant for mediating marketing. Therefore, social media harnesses and promotes effective communication among customers and the company offering various products. There some of the negative influences of social media to the company, whereby it can make information that the company does not want to reach customers to be viral (Associated press, 2012). Therefore, the company can suffer from negative publicity due to negative reviews from a single customer. For example, a customer may be impatient about delivery of certain foods or services that they have ordered online, and they may result to making negative reviews about the company. In fact, this would result to negative publicity, which makes potential customers lose confidence on the company, however, this problem can be resolved by ensuring that content posted on the company account has been regulated, whereby only the reviews that has been approved can be displayed in order to avoid ruining the company’s

Organisational Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Organisational Culture - Essay Example During the last days of Enron and WorldCom, there was no trace of any organisational culture (Cameron & Quinn, pp. 36-37, 2011). People would go on to establish their own boundaries, rules and approaches and a former employee at Enron labels those days as a â€Å"roller coaster ride at the height of craziness†. On the other hand, employees of companies like Google, Nike, UniLever, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Merck, Levis Strauss and others are more likely to know what their companies stand for and what is their way of doing things (Yanow, Ybema & Sabelis, pp. 13-14, 2011). This paper is an attempt to explore the concept of organisational culture, more importantly, with the practical example of Semco, a Brazilian success story. Most of the paper will focus on introducing the company and explaining in culture with different elements of its culture. Furthermore, the paper will also briefly attempt to apply a few models and theories of organisational culture on t he company allowing having a better understanding of Semco’s organisational culture. Discussion Company History and Profile Semco was a small bureaucratic company from Brazil, founded in the year 1953, started off with specializing in the business of manufacturing centrifuges for the vegetable oil industry. During the1960, the company jumped into the business of hydraulic pumps, load pumps, axles and other components for the naval industry, considering the growth of Brazilian naval industry. Antonio Kurt Semler, an Austrian engineer and the founder of the company always wanted his son Richardo Semler to take interest in the company’s operations and take over... This essay stresses that Semco is a fascinating company and what makes it so interesting and attractive is its organisational culture, which is almost one of its kinds. Even as of today, there are many American and European companies which are researching on Semco, trying to understand the real cause of its success and planning to apply its concepts, approaches, theories and models in their organisations as well. Over the past three decades, under the leadership of Semler, Semco has created such an organisational culture, which is exactly in line with the ideas and vision of its founder. This report makes a conclusion that Semco is about realizing the true potential of individuals, helping them in being as creative as possible and doing something different. Even, when the companies, which are highly centralized and extensively controlled by the senior management, want to generate new ideas, be creative, and create something new, they make autonomous teams and allow them to work freely. Semler has just expanded that idea from a few occasional work teams to the entire company. Semco has successfully created an organisational culture, which has the capacity to support the organisational goals of the company. Ironically, the most important goal of the company is not to bind their employees with goals, targets and other managerial â€Å"mumbo jumbo†. Therefore, the company does not need any radical changes in its culture in the near future; however, the company has to ensure that it is also ready for circumstances.

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Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Social Media - Essay Example On the other hand, companies are able to create pages in these social networking sites, where customers are able to access information, which is significant for mediating marketing. Therefore, social media harnesses and promotes effective communication among customers and the company offering various products. There some of the negative influences of social media to the company, whereby it can make information that the company does not want to reach customers to be viral (Associated press, 2012). Therefore, the company can suffer from negative publicity due to negative reviews from a single customer. For example, a customer may be impatient about delivery of certain foods or services that they have ordered online, and they may result to making negative reviews about the company. In fact, this would result to negative publicity, which makes potential customers lose confidence on the company, however, this problem can be resolved by ensuring that content posted on the company account has been regulated, whereby only the reviews that has been approved can be displayed in order to avoid ruining the company’s

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Case study-bp struggles to resolve sustainability disaster-Ethic paper Term

Case study-bp struggles to resolve sustainability disaster-Ethic - Term Paper Example This incidence has affected the company severely damaging its reputation, costing it heavy losses and declining its business and productivity. The Deepwater Horizon disaster has produced cleanup costs that may exceed $40 b. In addition, billions more ultimately will be spent as a consequence of criminal and civil penalties and lawsuits. It also has produced an inestimable loss of reputation and goodwill for BP, a huge company that is more than a century old. The company was also blamed for acting unethically and avoiding its corporate social responsibilities. The aim of this paper is to examine key questions concerned with corporate ethics. These questions include whether any corporations believe that they must give evidence of acting ethically, whether this insistence is just politically-correct window dressing in many instances, whether it represents genuine moral concern on the part of top managers at the companies which issue them, whether it is truly good business for a corporat ion to institute ethical practices or whether these practices simply purchase a tawdry respectability within the community for a company. The answers to these key questions will be discussed in this paper in the context of BP. The role and significance of ethical considerations in corporate management Contrary to the earlier business practices and beliefs the present day corporate management provides significant importance to ethics in business and recognizes the the role and significance of ethical considerations in corporate management. Traditionally, the ethical principles were used for defining business rules and regulations and a set of standards which corporations should follow but presently, there are considered as serious issues required for the success of the organization and the top level management consider them vital issues for the business as they have to be accountable to their stakeholders including their customers who are life and blood for them and the ethical issue s are part of their social responsibility (Cavanagh, Moberg and Velasquez, 1981). The ethical considerations are still a dilemma for many corporations and they find it difficult in deciding about ethically acceptable or unacceptable behavior or situation. In the absence of clear and concrete definition of business ethics the corporations need the services of ethical consultants to resolve ethical issues. In the context of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP has been alleged for many serious ethical problems that have occurred after the incidence, but a close investigation of the issues suggests, given the facts as presented in this case, that the company has acted quite ethically and genuinely to all its stakeholders. The most critical ethical dilemma before the company was whether the company was fair and honest enough in handling the issues after the disaster. There is no limit to the expectations of the people and they always seek more than what they get. The company is spending substantially for the clean up projects for the damage caused by the Deepwater Hor

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Change Management and Communication Plan Essay Example for Free

Change Management and Communication Plan Essay Riordan Manufacturing needs to develop a formalized method for controlling all client information into one centralized client administration method. The first part of this plan will develop a modified administration plan that will include many critical elements; for example, suggestion of a plan in order to execute modifications during the coming year and an explanation of the assessment processes following the implementation of the modifications. The 2nd part of the plan will make reference to an exhaustive communication plan for the suggested modifications. A sample message communicating the plan to the company employees is also included. Riordan Manufacturing currently uses a bureaucratic structure based on formal power. This structure is designed with set rules and functions on how the business will operate daily. Their organizational chart describes how the organization is departmentalized by scope of work into functional areas. Each specialized department has a vice president and managers that control their operations. The major advantage of this type of functional departmentalization is efficiency gained from putting like specialists together (Robbins Judge, 2013). The power and political structure could affect the employee behavior because all decisions must go up the ladder. For example, if a decision needs to be made about how a heart valve machine needs to be updated, the decision must be routed through proper authority, rather than being handled by the foreman. Another advantage of this structure is that there is direct communication between lower level managers and their supervisors; this provides effective leadership, vision, and communication throughout the ranks in the organization. The most appropriate and effective organizational structure for Riordan is departmentalization and formalization. With the planned change for a new customer information system, structure, organization, and good communication between departments  is necessary. This form is valuable when an organizationâ€⠄¢s customers are widely distributed geographically and have similar needs based on their location (Robbins Judge, 2013). Most of the positions in the organizations are standardized, so each employee is placed in the correct department according to his or her abilities. Riordan Manufacturing has a separate department for each product they make, which is an example of departmentalization. Employees in a departmentalized and formalized organization have set rules to follow and are specialized to their department. Riordan Manufacturing employees are a diverse group that offers solutions in a diverse market. Each member is part of a team where each product made grows their total portfolio. Riordan’s culture is based on organic growth with innovation, although they are a bureaucratic organization. They are constantly looking for new products to innovate and expand in new areas without looking to cut costs to gain growth. Their characteristics include: ethical standards, innovative, and team building. The corporate culture of Riordan Manufacturing influences employee behavior by innovation and risk taking with an emphasis on team building. Riordan uses good communication and team orientation to keep their employees motivated. Some workers may become unwilling to cope with modification. Possible reasons may be the lack of knowledge regarding the modification, comfort, anxiety about being unsure, personal private views, job security, pressure from peers, clashes, and lack of confidence. Even though workers are being resistive, the administrators are intending to cope with the opposition and assist workers with the modification more efficiently. Administrators may apply the modification by conveying it clearly, being straightforward, and acknowledging their worries together while respecting workers. Administrators may provide support by meeting directly in regards to the modifications or by additional co aching. Administrators might place the resistive workers with employees or another company temporarily who are already using the modification. This can allow for administrators to make certain they have set some objectives to ensure the success of the modifications was worthwhile and advantageous. Modifications need constant and continuous quality improvements. During the 12 months, administrators must be sure that the modification they put in place continues to remain effective. Administrators can perform this by assigning reaction teams to  areas which are in danger, as well as continue to make contact with their workers via phone, email, direct contact, or memo. Safety precautions will also continue to be managed and improved. Staff and administration attitudes will remain optimistic, involving workers, caring for their views, ideas, and thoughts, continuing to provide training sessions, set objectives and goals, and encourage inspiration. Administrators may assess achievement by monitoring the effectiveness of the modification, organization numbers/sales, and ensuring workers are producing great results. In case the organization is failing or hasn’t seen any growth then they must adjust the modification. Communication Plan The best way to overcome the resistance to change is timely communication to employees. Managers should have meetings with employees, as necessary to discuss the changes. The reason for the changes should be conveyed in a way so employees will understand the necessity for the changes. Managers also need to make themselves available to address any concerns and to listen to feedback from employees. It is very important to listen to their concerns, and address them in a professional and compassionate manner. The manager needs to assert themselves as being calm and professional, while conveying the change and listening to concerns of the employees. Along with meetings, regular emails and memos should be sent to all employees to inform them in a formal manner of the changes that need to take place. It may be prudent to appoint a few reactionary team members to assist the employees with the new procedures. Some employees should be selected to join the reactionary team to instill a sense of ownership into the changes. If a written communication method was to be utilized there could be physical barriers to non-verbal communication. Not being able to see the non-verbal cues, gestures, posture and general body language can make communication less effective. To counter that, our preferred communication channel will be face-to-face to discuss anything that could be considered sensitive in nature. Jargon, abbreviations, and slanged terms for what is considered common items is commonly used in corporations; this can cause confusion for some whom may be less familiar. To ensure everyone has a firm grasp on the message being relayed, the use of these terms should be minimized in all formal communications. Email and Memo Message Valued Employees of Riordan Manufacturing: The organization decided to apply a client administration method that will permit you to easily monitor our clients. The administration knows that we have put enormous accountability on you to manage client info and wish to provide you with the methods to do this job more efficiently. This info might be more effective when we keep it in a uniformed style and saved in a convenient location. By applying this method we will be allowing the info to be easily available to all workers and will streamline searching methods. We know that this info, if not saved correctly will get lost, and we dont want to jeopardize the client associations which you have worked so hard to maintain. Formalized training will be given to all workers prior to the launch of this method. Our objective is to make sure that you are happy and capable of using the latest program before its put into use. We have created a formalized coaching agenda for following week to make sure everybody has had time to see, work, and know the program. We hope that this may be applied on Monday March 30th, 2015. Administration knows that understanding the latest method is a difficult task, however we believe you will notice the advantage of this latest program. We thank you all for your hard work, persistence, and assistance in this matter. Please contact your immediate supervisor with any questions or problems. Thank You, Riordan Manufacturing Administration Conclusion The document has assisted in developing a modification administration plan for Riordan Manufacturing by deciding formalized and casual power structures of the company and their influence on the conduct of workers. It has additionally determined suitable company structures for this organization which will help in achieving the modifications. The document has described the company’s tradition by identifying its features, and the possible impact of this tradition on the conduct of workers. Riordan must think about applying the specified modifications which are contained in the modification administration plan, and they must also apply the communication plan that will assist in implementing the modifications effectively. Reference Robbins, S. P., Judge, T. A. (2013). Organizational behavior (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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Reflective Essay on Music Education

Reflective Essay on Music Education Andrew Nguyen My name is Andrew Nguyen, and Im a sophomore at Golden West College. Im 19 years old, and my major is business administration. For my online class experience, this is my second time taking an online course. My first time was on this years intersession, and I took an American Government course, but it was not that easy. There was too much reading to do, and theres not enough time for studying since intersession classes last for 4 weeks. In the end, I earned a good grade for my effort, and Im hoping that Ill do the same for this class. It taught me about how I should manage my time effectively when Im not inside the classroom, and that I shouldnt procrastinate from doing any readings and assignments. To be honest, Im not exactly a music player. Im more of a listener than a player. I played an instrument before, but I wasnt playing a song. When I was little, I remember myself tapping the keyboards on an electronic piano, listening to random notes, but I didnt have a chance to properly l earn how to play an instrument. However, I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was in high school; unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. There was a lot of complicated information to know about playing music, such as chords and melody, and its overwhelming to memorize it all. Also, I couldnt properly play the instrument because I need to know about the parts of the guitar, so I can control playing better. The problem about playing an instrument is that I kept relying on being perfect, and I just give up easy. For now, I just listen to any songs for relaxation, and I noticed how the song works from beginning to end and the hidden rhythms of the song. Because of my lack of knowledge on music, I thought that taking this class would give me a head start to know about music theory. Ive been listening to popular songs for a long time, and I thought that I could apply my basic knowledge on songs to this class, so I can critically listen to how music works. There are two things I would know by the end of the course. The first one is to know how to read sheet music. It was hard to read because there were so many complex patterns on the sheet music, and its not easy for an average musician. If I took this class, maybe theres a section about understanding the melody or other parts of the sheet music, so I can use that knowledge to learn better on playing an instrument. The second one is to know about the music history. I want to know more about how they developed different methods on crafting the song, so I can use examples from my songs to know how it matches their methods. The song that sounds like a binary form would be Somnus, composed by Yoko Shimomura and sung by Aundrea L. Hopkins. It is the theme song from a best-selling video game, Final Fantasy XV. The title is Latin for sleep, and like the title, the lyrics are also Latin. A binary form has two sections, in the form AB or AABB, that each section repeats the melody, and this song happens to fit into this category. At first, the song opens with a piano melody in a minor pitch. Then, the vocalist sang the Latin lyrics, presenting a theme that could be recognized later. In the second stanza, the song repeats the same melody, but the lyrics changed and the violin and cello can be heard as a harmony. The statement for this song tells the story that the world plunged into darkness while the hero is in hibernation. After the second stanza, the variation occurs, changing the tempo to accelerando, which means to speed up. Within the variation, the piano plays solo, accompanied by the violin and cello. T he tempo starts to ritardando, which means slow down, and then it goes back to the fast tempo, introducing the third stanza, which is the departure of the form. The melody sounds different and the range of the songs tone is medium because of its fast tempo. Within the departure, there are some parts being used from the first section of the song. Two lines from the third stanza introduce a new melody, and then the last two lines repeat that melody, changing the lyrics and range. The departure lets us consider ourselves that if theres darkness, theres always a light to shine the way. In the end, the song goes back to its original theme, ending the song in a minor chord, but lasts for about a few seconds. There are many varieties of musical sounds possible from the human voice. One of the varieties is falsetto. Falsetto is the highest register of the human voice. Its been used as a vocal technique to make the voice unnaturally high-pitched. To use falsetto, the singers must control their vocal cords to get a high note. They do that by imitating someone with a higher voice to shorten their vocal cords and then the cords stretch it out, so it would produce a head voice, which is the high register of the voice in speaking or singing. When using this technique, it has limited octave range, which could lead to passaggio, a transition between the vocal registers. Its a difficult technique to control, but famous singers, such as Prince and Michael Jackson, have practiced this technique to sing their songs better. The origin of the term is unknown because of its vagueness to know what that term is. But during the Renaissance period, the term was common in Italy because thats where they named the term. The term Falsetto is Italian for false. This vocal technique is commonly used by male singers, and they have used it during the 16th century when women were restricted from performing, so the men could fill in their roles at church and on stage. Falsetto has been used in different regions, for they have their own style of this technique. For instance, Hawaii has their own falsetto style. Although its part of the U.S, Hawaii still maintained their traditional culture before they annexed to the U.S. Their falsetto music dates back a long time ago when a group of immigrants from different countries brought their music with them, combined with their Hawaiian music that created their falsetto. Their falsetto is called ka leo kiekie. Like the other cultures in the 16th century, women were forbidden to perform while the men sang in high pitch. Whats different from the western use of falsetto is that they would emphasize the tone between the vocal registers. They would also amplif y the tone through repetition. Theyve used this technique to sing stories about their state culture. There may be some female singers used falsetto, but theres barely any proof of that since most male singers have used this technique for a long time. Another variety of music sound from the human voice is yodeling. Yodeling occurs when the singer switch between their voice from normal to a high pitch. When yodel, the singers have control of their voice in the range by switching to different vocal registers, and they timed their yodeling for a few seconds in a high volume. They sang non-lexical syllables to help project their yodeling. The origin of this technique is unknown since theres no evidence indicating when and how it was created; however, historians believed that yodeling occurred in the Alpine mountains in Switzerland. In the Renaissance era, the early yodeling was used by the herders to help communicate their flock of cows, or they used the technique to communicate the villagers from a different village. For the communication on the villages, perhaps yodeling acted as an early development of making long-distance communication before the telephone was invented in the 19th century. Since that discovery in the Alps, it beca me an everlasting tradition in Europe, and then it became popular in the 1830s for entertainment. Other than the Swiss Alps, yodeling is common around different cultures from around the world. For example, Central Africa has used yodeling. An ethnic group called the pygmy people yodeled for their complex polyphonic singing. Another example is the United States. A group of German immigrants first introduced yodeling in the 1800s to the U.S. Yodeling was used for their minstrel shows, consists of skits, acts, dancing, and music, throughout the 19th century. But after the 1900s, yodeling became common when singers use it for their country music. Yodeling has been useful for a long time, for it provides a purpose for letting the people communicate with each other and give different formats to express music also. String: An example of a string instrument is a violin. It is the smallest and high-pitched instrument in the string family. A violin is a carved hollow wooden box, which consists of many parts. The top plate of the violin is the top plate, or the belly, that joins the back plate by the carved sides called the ribs. The neck of the violin is attached to the front side, and that flat wooden strip on top is called the fingerboard. It runs across the neck to the bridge, which is in the middle of the top plate. The four strings are attached to the tailpiece, located on the bottom of the top plate, and then it runs across the bridge and neck to be fastened to four pegs in the pegbox, located at the top of the neck. A scroll is attached on top of the pegbox to make it decorative. Between the bridge are two f-holes. The sound holes were carved to reduce the thickness of the top plate and act as a resonator to strengthen the sounds created by the strings. Finally, located at the bottom of the top plate is the chinrest. It helps the violinist to position their jaw or chin when playing the violin. To play the violin, the player must hold the violin with his left hand and the bow in his right hand. On the violinist left side, the fingers must be on the fingerboard, chin on the chinrest, and the body of the violin resting on the shoulder. Also, the strings must be tuned in the order, G, D, A, and E, from the left to right. When the violin is played, the violinist presses the strings to change the pitch, and he can also shift his left hand up and down to create a high or low set of tones. As for the bow, it is drawn onto the strings, causing the strings to vibrate to produce a high pitch. There are many techniques to play the violin and other bowed instruments, such as double-stopping, playing two strings at the same time to produce a chord, and open strings, without touching the string to produce the lowest note. Ever since the Baroque era, the violin is divided into two se ctions of the orchestra, the first and second. The first violinists play the melody while the second violinists play the harmony (or sometimes melody). Other than the orchestra, they also have the same role of being first and second in the string quartet, which consists two violins, one viola, and one cello. The violin plays a minor role in popular music, but in western culture, they called violin playing, fiddling. A fiddle is a second name for the violin, but its only known to bluegrass and country music. The fiddle and violin have the same shape, but their playing style is different. Fiddling would produce dancing rhythms, along with quick note changes, while the classical violin plays sustained notes. Overall, the most common uses for the violin is in classical music. Woodwind: A flute is an example of a woodwind instrument. Throughout history, the flute was the oldest instrument. They were made of wood, and it came in different forms depending on the culture. But now, most of the flutes constructed is now metal. In the metal version, there are three joints on the flute: the head, middle, and foot. In the head joint, it has a small piece at the end of the joint called the crown, and it keeps the head joint positioned at its usual depth. Near the crown is the embouchure hole, the center of the lip plate, resting place for the lower lip. The next joint is the middle joint, and its an important part of the instrument. The middle joint consists of flute keys. The original flute has open holes that would be covered with fingers; however, the modern flute replaced the original with a complex system of knitted keys and steel. Most modern flutes have closed-hole keys while some have open-hole keys. The closed-hole is common for beginners because it helps learn how to properly hold the flute, but the open-hole is an advanced flute because of its use for making special effects for contemporary music. The last joint of the flute is the foot joint. The foot joint is where the sound produces from the flute; however, the foot joint also has keys. There are two types of foot joint: C and B foot. The B foot joint has three keys while the C foot joint has two. Depending on what foot joint the flute has, it would produce a different tone and register. To play the flute, it must be held horizontally to the right, so the player is in a good stance. Then, the left hand must be in the first half of the middle joint while the right hand is on the second half. Once the flutist is in position, the flutist can blow through the lip plate to produce a soprano voice in a low register. There are no specific chords for the flute, but wherever they press the keys, it can produce a specific octave scale in a flat or sharp note. In the symphony orchestra, it has the minor role in playing the melody frequently because of its timbre being noticed in the orchestra. But the most common uses for the flutes occurs in concert and marching bands. In the concert band, the woodwind instruments are seated in front, like the string instruments in the orchestra. Theres no specific seating chart for the concert band, but the flute or another woodwind instrument can play either the melody or harmony in this ensemble. As for the marching band, the flute produces high-pitched tones for the band, but sometimes they play the melody of their musical piece. Brass: A trumpet is an example of the brass instrument. It produces the highest pitch from the brass family, declaring itself with a brilliant tone color. Like all brass instruments, it has a mouthpiece on the back. The mouthpiece leads a flow of air from the player to the trumpet to produce the sound. Connected to the mouthpiece is the lead pipe. This pipe leads the soundwave around and through the instrument. The next part is the tuning slide. Its in a c-shape, and it slides in and out to adjust tuning the trumpet, so the further its slide out, the lower the tone it would produce. On the tuning slide is the small lever called the water key. Whenever the player blows through the mouthpiece, theres a small amount of moisture coming inside the trumpet. To clear the moisture, they should press the key and then blow the mouthpiece to get the water out. Next is the valve slides. There are three different valve slides, each connected to the valve pistons. Its like the tuning slide, but th e valve slides tune the pitch of each valve pistons. The important feature of the trumpet is the valve pistons. The three pistons move up and down in the valve casings to produce different tones by different combinations of air pressure and finger movements from the player. However, each valve pistons are different, for they lower the tone of the chromatic scale. The fist piston lowers the tone by a half step while the second lowers the tone by a full step. Also, the third piston lowers the tone by a minor third, which is three half steps. At the end of the trumpet is the bell. This part is recognizable because its part of every brass instruments. It amplifies and creates the sound of the trumpet. To play the trumpet, the player must hold on to the valve slides on the left side while the right side is positioning the fingers to the pistons. And then, the player blows through the mouthpiece and uses the valves to start playing. When playing the trumpet, it plays an octave scale depen ding on what valves theyre pressing. The most common uses for trumpet is in classical and jazz ensemble. In an orchestra, the brass instruments are seated behind the string section because of its loud dynamics. For the trumpet, its mostly been used as a harmony to produce a brighter sound for the orchestra and sometimes plays the melody. In jazz music, the trumpet plays the lead role in an ensemble. The trumpet player carries the melody of most jazz songs because of its loud pitch. Along with the trumpet is the trombone that is part of a bass line and a counter melody to the trumpet. Percussion: The cymbals are an example of the percussion instrument. The cymbals are two circular plates, made of different types of alloy. Each cymbal has a leather strap in the middle, so the player can hold the cymbals. Theres no specific example on how to play this instrument. What the player needs to do is struck against another cymbal, creating an indefinite pitch. The cymbals have been used in many ensembles, ranging from orchestra to marching band. In the orchestra, the cymbals play a minor role there, for their role is to surprise the audience for drama and excitement, or its used to emphasize the rhythm. Also, the cymbals have a major role in the marching band. Along with the percussion instruments, theyre responsible for keeping the tempo going. Even when the brass and woodwind instruments are not playing, the percussion instruments keep on playing. The cymbals in the marching band follow the accented rhythms the drums are making, so they would keep the audience surprised. Last Friday, I watched How I Met Your Mother on TV, and I noticed their use of music. The show started with an opening scene, and then move on to the intro, which lasts around 10 seconds. Most of the scenes that I watched doesnt play a lot of music, but I heard some background music playing because of the locations the characters were at, such as bars, restaurants, and house parties. However, I heard some instruments playing when they switch to new scenes. Most of the instruments played at a soft dynamic, and the most common instrument I heard was an acoustic guitar. There are some instruments included, such as piano, violin, and harp. The show ends with credits, and it plays an extended intro song. With those instruments combined, I recognized a pattern for using music. Most of the instruments I heard on the show have been used as tools for storytelling. The show played the guitar and piano to show what the characters are doing right now. Also, they used the two instruments for movi ng ahead in the next days or weeks. It could be fast or short depending on how much tempo is used. But the most important use of the instruments is setting the mood. The characters can conflict with each other, and the instruments played a major or minor chord depending on what emotions theyre feeling right now. It helps attract the viewers to get their attention to see what happens next, and it lets the viewers feel sympathy towards the characters emotion because of the tonality of the scene. There were some minor uses for the instruments. For example, the harp was played to show the characters flashback or imagination of the future because the harps tone is mystical for any strange occurrence to happen in the future. As for the violin, it helps build suspense for the scene. It plays a low pitch, and as the low pitch ends, it plays a high pitch, bringing a surprise to the viewers. In this show, the suspense can affect the characters, but its funny to watch when something minor look s serious to them doesnt look serious to the viewers. As for the commercial breaks, theres so many random music playing. Theres no specific pattern about music playing in the commercials. But I noticed about how they choose their music. Depending on the advertisement, they used music that matches the companies theme to persuade their audience to buy or support the product. For example, I remember seeing a commercial about the charity group. Theyre persuading the audience to support the abused animals. They persuaded me with pictures of pets with sad eyes, and they used a piano music in a minor chord to get us emotionally attached to the pets. Overall, commercials used music to make us believed that the benefits they showed would work on us.

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Charlotte Smiths On Being Cautioned against Walking on an Headland Ove

Charlotte Smith's "On Being Cautioned against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because it was Frequented by a Lunatic" â€Å"On Being Cautioned against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because it was Frequented by a Lunatic,† Charlotte Smith’s sonnet, comments on the poet’s feelings toward this lunatic and the thought process he instigates in her mind. By using different syntax to describe her two characters, Smith draws the attention of the reader to the message in the sonnet instead of the scene on the surface. The structure of the English sonnet also lends to the poem’s power, giving Smith a perfect avenue to deliver her message. The poem begins by describing the lunatic as a man with very animal tendencies, â€Å"with starting pace† and â€Å"with wide and hollow eyes† (lines 2-3) These characteristics alone give the reader a vivid image of how this man acts, and immediately sets low expectations for his character in a social and intellectual sense. His primitivism shows as â€Å"his cold bed upon the mountain turf† (6) is mentioned, furthering the image of a wildly sav...

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But these things also – Edward Thomas

Things Also ‘But these things also' brings â€Å"to the centre of attention what has previously overlooked†, as Judy Kendall writes. Thomas explores his fascination with the unimportant in this poem and looks at the connection and merging together of Spring and Winter. Much like his other poetry, here, Thomas struggles to put his finger on precisely what he means. This Is shown by his Inability to separate and distinguish between the two seasons.The poem begins with the first two lines focusing on Spring, however, by allowing this with two lines focusing on Winter, Thomas explodes our first expectations of usual ‘spring poetry of bright and beautiful Images. Instead, he catches the limbo between the two seasons and we are presented with the Idea of the grass being long dead' and ‘greyer now. This pessimistic tone Is not what one usually connotes with springtime, but with the cold and bleak winter. By putting the images of the two seasons so close together in this stanza, Thomas reinforces his presentation of their connection.The last line of the stanza, than all the winter it as', changes the natural syntax of the words. The stress focuses of ‘it was', emphasizing what has past, which creates a sense of longing, introducing the idea that, like in ‘March', Thomas is desperate to find the key' the last two lines of the first stanza finish with the words ‘now and ‘was', bringing together images of the movement of time and emphasizing the gap between the present and the past and importantly, Thomas focus on that gap.The second stanza uses instance to look at things, which are seemingly unimportant. These things show the remains of winter, therefore connecting the seasons further. Once again, Thomas alters the syntax of the words to create a more beautified image. ‘ The word ‘bleached' would usually have a much more negative connotation of fading and perhaps even the loss of hope, however By placing the wo rd at the end of the first line and after the word ‘little' he takes away the harshness of the sound and makes it more delicate and gentle.As well as this, Tomato's use of enjambment stresses the soft ‘L' sounds in the shell of the little snail', which further emphasizes the smoothness of the words. Following this, the surreal pause halfway long the second line, highlights the plosive sounds on the image of the ‘chip of flint'. This draws our attention to the minute details, which Thomas considers and accentuates the signs that spring is not quite here yet. By observing nature In this much detail, we see how valuable Thomas considers It to be, It creates a sense that although these things are small and often overlooked, they are significant.The final Image In this stanza is of the ‘purest white' bird dung. At first It appears odd to be beautifying such a thing as bird dung, but by following It with the words ‘purest white, Thomas Introduces an Idea of I nnocence and positively, as well as a contrast with the previous Image of something ‘greyer now'. This brief glimmer of hope however, Is shattered in the next stanza. In stanza three, the image of White' no longer has positive connotations. But it and death.This instantly darkens the tone and the notion of mistaking bird dung for violets presents the idea that Thomas is truly desperate for any indication of springs arrival. The following violent images of Winter's ruins' and Winter's debts' create an oppressive feeling which moves further from the previous idea of hope. Continuing the pattern of Thomas other poetry, the word ‘something appears ambiguous and vague, creating a sense that Thomas still isn't quite clear on what it is we are paying Winter's debts' with.The final stanza of ‘But these things also' begins to fill us with hope once more. The ‘chattering' birds create a sense of rising morale and the idea of keeping their ‘spirits up' sounds opti mistic. Despite this, when we eventually think that Thomas is going to make a definitive statement, ‘springs here' he reintroduces the feeling of ambiguity with the words Winter's not gone'. This leaves the poem with a sense of not knowing and uncertainty. This reminds us of Thomas tendency to never give absolutes and that he likes balancing a positive idea with a negative.This paradox leaves us with the idea that the winter is preventing the spring from arriving. Throughout the poem, there is a regular rhythm, given by the Iambic Tetrameter, which is occasionally shortened to show the indecisive and unclear seasons. There is never a climax during this poem due to it all being one long sentence. Roberts talks about Thomas use of enjambment and fluidity, which gives a sense of him thinking and working through his thoughts.

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Brand new adventure park Essay

Afan Valley Adventure Park is a brand new adventure park opening soon in Afan Valley South Wales. The park is home to many exhilarating rides, but not only thrill seekers will enjoy Afan Valley, as there is a large on site petting zoo for the youngsters. Afan Valley is also home to one of the biggest wooden roller coasters on Britain! It’s loops and hoops will make you dizzy with excitement just looking at it! But Afan Valley does not just cater for the thrill seekers of the family, under 5’s can enjoy the gentler pace of our tree tops kiddies roller coaster or our Teletubbies flying aeroplanes. After all the excitement of the rides you can relax in one of our many bar/restaurants while the kids play safely in one of our supervised cri ches. You can also take an after dinner stroll on one of our scenic country walks, which we have proudly been awarded the David Bellamy Gold award for conservation. There are many items available to hire at A. V. A. P for a small fee, such as mountain bikes, children’s buggies and hiking boots. These are available to reserve before you arrive at the park. Included on the following pages is an application form for membership to Afan Valley. There are many benefits of becoming a member for the very reasonable fee of i 15 a month. You will receive a regular newsletter telling you about all of the up dated facilities and new rides and also included will be a map of the park, for you to find your way around. Another special benefit of becoming a member is free entry to the park as much as you want and also free car parking. So all you have to pay is the once a month payment of i 15. I intend to use the database to sort members into different categories and to find contact numbers easily. I also want to use the database to sort for members who have not paid their subscriptions.

The Drunkard by Frank O’Connor

â€Å"The Drunkard† is, at first glance, a comedy about youth and unintended drunkenness, and a grateful mother. It is also, however, a glimpse into the personalities of the members of a dysfunctional family: egotistical father, demeaned mother and ignored and/or abused child. Think about the story and choose a focus of your essay. It could be humor, family dynamics or the individual characteristics of the father or son. Once you have your theme, consider the points that you will relate to support your idea.Develop the five-paragraph essay BEFORE you write so that you know ‘where you are going’. The Use of Irony and Humor of â€Å"The Drunkard â€Å"In the story, â€Å"The Drunkard† the author Frank O’Connor uses a point of view to primarily reveal humor and irony. In the story, O’Connor uses first person point of view. First person point of view is told through the eyes of the main character in this story. The main character is named Larry. Larry is a young boy who has to go along with his father one day to a funeral.Larry’s father Mick is the person referred to as the â€Å"drunkard†. Larry seems to know what will happen when he goes with his father but is hoping that his father might consider his presence and not drink. Since the story is told through little Larry’s eyes and thoughts the reader mainly focuses on how Larry feels about his dad being a drinker. The Irony and humor that is found in human nature is revealed through Larry, first person point of view, and what happens on his outing with his father Mick.Irony, the incongruities between the expected and actual results of events and humor, the quality of being laughably ludicrous are interweaved in this story. In the short story, â€Å"The Drunkard† Frank O’Connor uses first person point of view to reveal the humor and irony that is created in this amusing story. Humor is seen many times in the story after Larry and his fath er Mick reach the bar following the funeral. Larry is thirsty and takes a drink of his father’s beer. Larry finishes his father’s drink and becomes drunk afterwards.While this is occurring his father is talking away with a man named Peter Crowley who is also a drinker. When Mick realizes Larry is drunk he knows he must take him home immediately. This scene is described as, â€Å"They all stopped gabbling to gape at the strange spectacle of two sober men, middle aged men bringing home a drunken small boy with a cut over his eye†(301). This could not be better told than through the eyes of Larry who at the time is observing all he sees happening around him. Two usually drunk men carrying home but a young boy who is not sobers enough to walk.This humorous scene described by the main character reveals more enjoyment because little Larry is the one who is drunk. It is also a bit ironic that the two grown men are carrying a drunken young boy home and it is not the oth er way around. Larry is watching all the people around him and knows how ridiculous he must look in between the arms of his father adepter Crowley. The humor is revealed in an entertaining way from the first person point of view because of the situation the main character is in and how he is describing it.Irony seems to occur in a few instances since Larry is setting up the reader with certain expectations. Larry tells us how his father is and knows exactly what will happen after the funeral. His father will wind up in a bar drunk like he had been described doing since his best friend passed away. Larry’s first conclusion about the circumstances that are likely to occur is, â€Å"I know I might have to bring him home, blink drunk, down Blarney Lane, with all the old women at their doors, saying: ‘Mick Delaney is on it again’† (302).This is Larry’s prediction to how the day would end up. To the reader’s hilarious surprise, this is not what hap pens. Larry’s thirst at the bar gets him in to an unusual situation and bewilderment from the liquor he has drunk. Larry as he realizes he is drunk says to himself, â€Å"But, drunk and all as I was†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (301). both the Larry and the reader are surprised by this ironic event. Larry’s prediction is reversed. He no longer has to take his drunken father home down Blarney Lane. Now Larry’s father has to take Larry home blind drunk.The twist of events that Larry the main character is going through mainly reveals the irony also in a more humorous way. Humor through the eyes and words of Larry, the main character, provide the reader with more enjoyment as his day continues. As the men carry Larry by the arms he knows he is going to stroll down Blarney Lane drunk. So as Larry is proceeding down the lane he cries out to the women laughing, â€Å"I’ll make ye laugh at the other side of year faces if ye don’t let me pass†¦Go away ye bloody bit ches†¦Take care or I’ll come back and show ye!† (302).This scene described by Larry is very comical. He knows he father usually passes down this same lane drunk but does not get to realize what it is like until now. It’s especially worse for Larry because he is not a grown man yet who is allowed to drink. It is ironic also because Larry never thought he’d be the one walking down this lane drunk after the funeral. The humor being revealed is more amusing through the words of Larry who is telling the story from the first person point of view.Using the first person point of view is more appropriate in order to reveal humor and irony as the main elements in this story. The main character Larry who is telling this story adds a more entertaining view. He gives the story irony from his own words and predictions. He also gives the story more humor because of his actions. Despite what he thought the day would be like with his father after the funeral he ends u p being mistaken in an amusing way. The story told from the first person point of view reveals a more enjoyable story, regardless of whether the story’s incidents were actually true or not.

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What Are the Distinct Marks of Catholic Anglicanism Essay

What Are the Distinct Marks of Catholic Anglicanism - Essay Example The designation seems to date from 1838 at the University of Oxford toward the beginning of the movement centered on restoring the Caroline Divines' 17th-century High Church ideals through a Catholic revival in the Church of England (Nockles, P.1994:270). Catholic Anglicanism professes a high doctrine of the Church and Sacraments, ascribes great significance to the apostolic succession (meaning an episcopal lineage reaching back to the apostles), argues for the Anglican Confession's clear-cut historical continuity with the early Church in the first centuries of the Christian era, and, finally, defends the crucial autonomy of the Church from any undue interference of the State. Toward the end of the late 1820s into the early 1830s, Oriel College in Oxford harbored a number of quite erudite young fellows whose earnest concerns about the shortcomings of the 19th-century Church of England led them to unite with each other together with a slightly-older priest and professor of poetry at the college, John Keble, in commitment to renewal of the church (Chadwick, O.1990:135). On 14 July 1833 at Oxford, John Keble preached the Assize Sermon, officially directed to the judges and officers of the civil and criminal courts at the outset of a new session or assize (Cross, F. L. and Livingstone, E.A.1997:1205). The sermon entitled National Apostasy virtually indicted the English nation for slighting God by trying to run the Church as a mere branch of the government, rather than respect its mission as an emissary of God, independent of the legislative interference of a parliament composed of Anglican laymen (Reed, J.S.1996:8). Keble's delivery provoked a national uproar, marking a significant juncture in the erstwhile beginnings of the spiritual renewal known as the Oxford or Tractarian Movement - Tractarian, since the movement was to be further energized by a series of ninety Tracts, in leaflets as well as much lengthier treatises or catenae, published over the course of the next eight years (Reed, J.S.1996:8). Oriel was the highly intellectual College of the Anglican-operated University of Oxford which prepared the vast majority of clergy to serve in the Church of England. John Henry Newman, Vicar of the University Church, Richard Hurrell Froude, a junior fellow of Oriel, and William Palmer, a fellow of Worcester, joined with the aforementioned priest and professor, John Keble, to follow up his clearly-provocative challenge to the status quo with a succession of Tracts for the Times (Herring, G. 2002:25). Several historical factors contributed to the movement's immediate popularity and growth. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, the Church in the 19th Century faced serious problems over the emergence of wretched pockets of urban poverty, as well as increasingly cavalier attitudes toward the faith in the face of secular perspectives on human advancement (Scudder, V.D. 1898). In the field of social justice, the Tractarian leaders thoroughly repudiated any compartmentalizing of spirituality and conceived of religion as asserting dominion over the whole of life. In the name of the Catholic faith, they roundly condemned the veritable worship of material things that came in as a by-product of the Industrial Revolution. (Kenyon, R.1933:). The steady weakening of Church life and the spread of Liberalism in theology prompted serious worries among the English clergy. More immediately, a threat to Anglican identity emerged from the abrupt removal of long-standing criteria for service in state office and the repeal the last of the Penal Laws with discriminatory practices (Cross, F. L.

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Cause and Effect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cause and Effect - Essay Example In middle- and upper-class families, parents often encourage their children to be successful; indeed, many parents become too involved in their teenagers’ lives, pushing them to overachieve and not allowing them to live or accomplish life on their own. This not only causes stress in these teenagers’ lives, but it also causes them to often feel like they are falling short of their parents’ expectations. They begin to feel that they are not good enough, which leads to the teenager feeling depressed. When the teenager is unsuccessful in making their parents happy, they tend to take it out on themselves, often by telling themselves that they are worthless or helpless. Another way in which parents can cause depression in their teenagers is if they are going through a divorce, or are otherwise constantly fighting with one another, which puts undue stress on the younger members of their family. In many cases, especially after a divorce, teenagers feel as though they are at fault for the actions of their parents. Unfortunately, in many cases, these fears are not put to rest. During the teenage years, people are concerned with how others view them, which effects the way they view themselves. Pressure is put upon teenagers to act a certain way, aim for certain goals, look a specific way, et cetera.

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Relection Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Relection Portfolio - Essay Example Some of the aspects are given importance in schools are active listening, asking questions, helping others by responding to their needs, sharing knowledge and finding what others think and share each other’s view points. The basic idea behind this is to create a healthy mutual understanding behind the team members so that strong team can be developed. In doing so, each and every students become aware of the factors which are required to build a strong team. The author then goes on to discuss the main idea behind doing these activities. She says that by doing this the students develop a sense of inter-dependence. This is very essential for building up a team. There are two types of interdependence. Goal interdependence where the group members can only achieve their goals when each and every team members have achieved their’s and resource interdependence where the each of the member need the resources of each and every member to complete the task assigned to them. In this article the author talks about building up one’s self confidence. He start the article in a very interesting manner by stating that even confident people make mistakes but the difference lies in the fact that they are more focused on their strength and ten to neglect their weakness. We should not get confused by affirmations as they attempt to fool the mind in thinking and believing something that we are not. Thus a person might be fooled to believe into something which is not in reality. So the main idea behind building up the self confidence to be aware of our strengths and stay focused on them. In this case, we should also focus on building up a good level of concentration because when person has a strong concentration; it becomes difficult to divert him or her from their path. Several methods of building up their self confidence have been discussed in the later part of the article. The author says that self confidence is more like a set

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Google Glass Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Google Glass - Essay Example Since its inception into the market, there have been diverse concerns about the use of Google Glass and this is especially the case when it comes to its potential of violating privacy rights. Privacy rights advocates have raised concerns about Google Glass users being able to identify strangers through the use of facial recognition software or even record private conversations and broadcast these conversations. This is a matter that might lead to potential legal problems for Google Glass because its widespread usage might become an inconvenience for others in society. It is for this reasons that some institutions and companies have opted to make sure that they place signs banning the use of Google Glass within their premises (Streitfeld, 2013). Organizations such as the FTC Fair Information Practice have set up guidelines which are meant to ensure that privacy rights are upheld and these have become important especially in regulating new technology such as Google Glass. Despite the privacy concerns, the development of Google Glass is one of the most fascinating stories of the twenty first century. This is because it has evolved from a prototype weighing some 8 pounds in 2011 to being lighter than the average sunglasses; showing the rapid development of this technology over such a short time. However, its original incarnations were not very appealing as a result of their not being fashionable and this has triggered Google to make this product more appealing to the market by making it more fashionable (Friedman, 2015).

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Ted Bundy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ted Bundy - Essay Example Around the time Ted began college, joined the Republican Party, and answered calls with Ann Rule, he met the love of his life. This woman partly triggered something evil in Ted. She had long brown hair parted in middle, a common hairstyle in the sixties. When the woman, Stephanie, broke up with Ted in 1968, he was devastated, dropping out of college (Schum). Many of Ted Bundy’s later victims had long brown hair parted in the middle. Another factor happened in 1969 that sent Ted down the path of destruction; he found out his sister was really his biological mother (Lohr). These two events sent Ted on a hunting spree leaving women dead across American, from Washington to Florida. Finding out about his true origins seemed to invigorate Ted, sending him back to college. Ted also began dating Meg Anders. This relationship seemed to get Ted together, leading him to graduate from the University of Washington in 1973 and accepted into the Law program in Utah. Around this time he began seeing Stephanie and Meg at the same time. The pressure seemed to overwhelm Ted. During this period, he committed his first known attack, and then murder. The first woman Bundy attacked survived, barely. â€Å"On January 4, 1974, 18-year-old Joni Lenz became Bundy’s first victim† (Lohr). Lenz was sexually assaulted with a bed post, beaten with a crowbar, and left in a coma. Because of her injuries, â€Å"she was left with brain damage†. Ted attacked another Washington Law student, Lynda Ann Healy, at the end of January 1974 (Lohr).

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Higher education in Canada Essay Example for Free

Higher education in Canada Essay Nowadays, most of the people in the world will have a chance to get educated. Many high school and colleges graduates would like to attend four-year University or higher education. They believed that education is a code to help them get success. But why people need to be educated, and what is the purpose of education? When we were young, we thought that we go to school is because of family expectation. After we grow up, we think that it is because of popular trend, people who get higher degree will get more success. But these are not the answer. Education is the key to explore our own life because its purpose is to train good members of society, to help people live better, and to explore our limit in order to upgrade our ability in our daily life. Education helps our society to train good members. According to John Henry Newman, the author of The Idea of a University, pointed out that education neither confines its views to particular professions on the one hand, nor creates heroes or inspires genius on the other. (53)University cannot promise to create a generation of heroes, presidents or genius, but it can educate people knowledge, skills and experiences of social life, and let them learn to respect, to consult, to aid each other. Education also focuses on training students’ ability, It teaches him to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought, to detect what is sophistical, and to discard what is irrelevant. . (53) Education will give people a clear conscious view of everything around them, and let them distinguish what is right and what is wrong of their own opinions and judgments. Therefore, weare able to accommodate ourselves to others, influence to others, and come to an understanding with others. University education is the great means to raising the intellectual tone of society, at cultivating the public mind, at purifying the national taste. (54) Education helps people to live better. In the Learning in the Key of Life, Shorris, a novelist and journalist, said that Do all rich people, or people who are in the middle, know the humanities? Not a chance. But some do. And it helps. It helps to live better and enjoy life more. Will the humanities make you rich? Absolutely. But not in terms of money. In terms of life. (67) In other word, education can help us to become rich on both ways of money and life. Of course, between those we consider well educated and those who are poorly or inadequately schooled, people accept the higher education always have a better life. They can get more than the others who has lower income level, and make their life easier. People who received higher education have more power to dictate their life. For example, they can plan our community, adjust our workweeks and even control the world financial markets. In the Learning in the key of life, Jon Spayde pointed that kind of power has everything to do with attitude and access: an attitude of empowerment, even entitlement, and access to tools, people, and ideas that make living at any income level easier, and its crises easier to bear. (67)Education is a light to illuminate our future, the more education we have, more bright future we will have. Education helps us to explore our limit in order to upgrade our ability in our daily life. According to David Orr, Oberlin College environment professor, he pointed out that university focus on teaching in high-tech training call Slow Knowledge, which is resilience, harmony, and preservation of long-standing patterns that give our lives aesthetic, spiritual, and social meaning. (68) For example, we cannot finish a 1,000-page novel in one second,because we need to watch the novel step by step and understand the story. We all are slow learners. Although we get academic education,we need to get experience from life in order to explore our limits. As Jon Spayde mention, is it any wonder that many of us are beginning to feel that we didnt get the whole story in school, that our educations didnt prepare us for the world were living in today? . (67) In addition to education, we also should learning from life and learning from experienceto enrich our life, and make our life easier. Education is a basis for our society. It also can train good members of society, to makeour life better, and enhance our ability in our daily life. Growth is a characteristic of life, so education is growing. It can help people be stronger and wiser. We should be awise old owland use our knowledge to make our life and society better. Word Cited Henry Newman, John. â€Å"The Idea of a University. † Lunsford, Andrea, and John Ruskiewicz, eds. THE PRESENCE OF OTHERS: VOICES AND IMAGES THAT CALL FOR RESPONSE. 5TH ED. BOSTON : Bedford/St. Martin’s. 2008. Print.