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Case Presentation “Please Dont Let Me Die” Essay

The ethical principal showcased in this case presentation was beneficence. The nurses were not thinking beneficially of the resident in any aspect of their practice. A professional nurse would not consider leaving a floor with only three nursing assistants to care for 100 patients. The nursing assistants do not have the authority to manage a floor, the license to ensure patient care, nor do they possess the required knowledge to assess patients or delegate tasks. The institutional constraint would be the state of severe understaffing. For a facility of one hundred patients to be cared for by only three nurses significantly lowers the standard of care. According to a chart in the Journal of Scholarly Nursing (2010), Ohio standards are to have a ratio of one licensed nurse to every fifteen direct care patients in a nursing home facility (p 91). This presentation, even with the ten additional nursing assistants, was still understaffed with these standards. Although understaffed, the nurses are culpable because the patient was not thoroughly assessed. As a part of the scope and standard of nursing, an assessment would have revealed the need for a focused assessment. The focused assessment would have directed the nurses to signs and symptoms of the bowel obstruction, or led to further investigation. Provision Six is associated with the presentation in that it is essentially concentrating on ethical decision making in the workplace. Stated in Provision Six (2010), â€Å"Professional nurses make decisions that significantly affect the lives of others on a daily basis† (p.72). The nurses caring for Loren Richards should have used Provision Six in deciding when to take a break. There are several characteristics I would have changed about the presentation. Firstly, none of the nurses voiced the aversion for the short staffing. I feel strongly about this being a issue and would have mentioned something to management or the director of nursing. Secondly, the amount of professionals taking a break at the same time was exceptionally unethical. Scattering breaks throughout the shift would have been a more superior decision. Finally, pain is the fifth vital sign and when a patient is complaining, it is a nursing standard to assess. To add vomiting to his signs, and no action was taken, is complete contrary to my nursing practice. References Harrington, C., Choiniere, J., Goldmann, M., Jacobsen, F., Lloyd, L., McGregor, M., & †¦ Szebehely, M. (2012). Nursing Home Staffing Standards and Staffing Levels in Six Countries. Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, 44(1), 88-98. doi: Olson, L. (2010). Provision Six. In Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses (p. 72). Silver Spring , Maryland:

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A Doll’s House Essay

Perspective of A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House uses emotional conversations to depict a family living in false emotional circumstances and having to come to terms with reality. The title A Doll’s House describes the facade of a family living in a nice house. The platitude â€Å"All that glitters is not gold† means that not everything that looks good on the outside is not good on the inside, like a doll’s house. In the first part of the play, Nora’s old friend from school, Mrs. Linde arrives impromptu. Nora is very fast to describe to her what a good life she has; â€Å"So you are quite alone.How dreadfully sad that must be. I have three lovely children. You cannot see them just now, for they are out with their nurse† (7). This shows how important it is to Nora to keep up her facade of having a nice home and a good life. It’s also makes a distance between the two women's lives, even if Mrs. Linde tells Nora ab out her poor family situation, Nora still brags. During the conversation, Nora tells Mrs. Linde about her secret; that she has borrowed money from Krogstad, one of the bankers in town, to help her husband Torvald a long time ago.Torvald does not know anything about the loan and Mrs. Linde is surprised about it and she thinks Nora should tell him about it. Nora answers; â€Å"†¦ And besides, how painful and humiliating it would be for Torvald, with his manly independence, to know that he owed me anything! It would upset our mutual relations altogether; our beautiful happy home would no longer be what it is now† (12). This reflects the old sight of male and female position in the home or relation; the man is the one who should be responsible for the income and be independent. The female part is the opposite.The last sentence from Nora, demonstrates once again how important it is for her that her life looks perfect from the viewer’s sight. Nora is in a very hard situ ation with Krogstad because of the loan she took a long time ago. Krogstad behaves insipid against Nora in the middle of the play, when he threats her to tell Torvald about the loan. She talks to Dr. Rank, an old friend of the family, and she is very close to betraying her big secret, but instead she just informs him; â€Å"You can do nothing for me now. Besides I really don’t need any help at all. You will find that the whole thing is merely fancy on my part.It really is so-of course it is! † (41). From this we learn that Nora changes her sight of her self. She acts very clearly to Dr. Rank for many reasons, for example to get rid of Dr. Rank’s curiosity and also to convince her self that she has done the right thing and that everything is going to be fine. It also shows one of her first steps into her independence. In the end of the play, Nora realizes that her life is not real, is not perfect, is not fantastic; it is just like a dream story from outside like she always wanted her life to be – but she is not satisfied.Nora decides to tell Torvald about how she feels and she forces him to talk with her seriously; â€Å"I say that we have never sat down in earnest together to try to get at the bottom of anything. † Torvald answers â€Å"But, dearest Nora, would it have been any good to you? † (66). It looks like Torvald doesn’t think Nora has her own thoughts, or her own willing. He does not listen to her or maybe he does not want to listen to her. Nora continues to inform Torvald about her feelings, about how he and her father have made a big sin against her. â€Å"It is your fault that I have made nothing of my life† (66).Nora is much older now then she was when she first met Torvald, and she has changed during the years. Both of them play their roles very well and it is not only Torvald’s fault that she has not been able to do something of her life. When it comes to someone’s life, it is very much up to the person herself. Nora tells Torvald that she has never been standing on her own feet, â€Å"I have been your doll wife, just as at home I was Papa’s doll child; and here the children have been my dolls. I thought it great fun when you played with me, just as they thought it was great fun when I played with them.That is what our marriage has been, Torvald† (67). Ibsen describes how Nora gets an insight about which kind of life she lives. The image pattern of Nora shows a change comparing of the beginning of the book when she brags in front of people. The three children stand for happiness but Nora does not seem to have a close and genuine relationship to them. It is just a scene. Nora comes to a point in her life when she understands that she lives an unreal life and she has to do something about it. Ibsen shows that she is able to take the step out of the marriage like an independent person.Everyone thinks she lives her life like a doll in a perfect home. Ibsen’s choice of title is both good and ironic; good because it brings thoughts to the perfect family-life, and ironic because the play tells about how the inside of the house; the family, the marriage, the relations etc. , struggles with a lot of problems in contrast to the facade. One of Ibsen’s messages about marriage and family is to manage to be happy together, everyone has to take care and understand herself before she can take care of others. When a person is independent and safe on her own, she is able to love and take care of her true love and family.

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Analysis Of Lolitas Enslavement To Humbert English Literature Essay

Analysis Of Lolitas Enslavement To Humbert English Literature Essay Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita depicts the relationship between a young girl and a much older3333 man. Humbert Humbert is in his late thirties and forties throughout the book and he talks the reader through how this relationship with Lolita made him feel and how it progressed as she got older and they moved around becoming closer as the months went on. Humbert Humbert narrates the entire book and he expresses to us how Lolita was in his words, but we never hear how it was for her, her side of the story, and how she felt in reality and not just how Humber Humbert thought she felt and was. It can be seen as how he wanted to ensure the reader believed him, about how he didn’t approve himself of the relationship he had and longed for with Lolita. It also however, makes the reader wonder was Lolita in one sense a slave to Humbert in that she was trapped as his daughter and lover because she had nobody else, the novel only gives Humbert’s point of view so there is no thing saying he isn’t making up Lolita’s personality to make himself look better to the reader. Humbert Humbert begins the book with a short chapter one his love for Lolita. He claims that his love for Lolita was only so strong because he had once loved a young girl before her for one summer, Annabel. He initially comes to meet Lolita when in chapter ten he moves to New England, to the house if Mrs Haze, 342 lawn street as she extended an invitation to him when he was stuck unsure of where he’d b going   [ 1 ]   . He sees Lolita for the first time in the garden and he describes her as if she was the young girl from his past, Annabel, and in doing this he seems to of immediately fallen for Lolita. Seeing Lolita was so much like Annabel, Humbert decides to accept Mrs. Haze’s invitation to stay on at the house. As the novel progresses we learn hoe Humbert’s ‘fondness’ for Lolita grew. He describes how he used to look at her and watch her sometimes. The reader quickly learns how fascinated he was becoming with Lolita, he would go into her bedroom from time to time and touch her things to be near her, â€Å"My heart seemed everywhere at once. Never in my life – not even when fondling my child – love in France – never†Ã‚   [ 2 ]   . Lolita it seems had no idea as to what Humbert was doing. It is during this part of the book that Humber first kisses Lolita, it was just on her eyelid but to him this created agony, when describing it in the book Humbert says â€Å"never have I experienced such agony†Ã‚   [ 3 ]   . Humbert becomes increasingly close to Lolita and her mother, mainly so he can continue being around the â€Å"hot little haze†. Even though he continually tries to justify his actions the reader still has no reason to trust him because he clearly tells of his deceit and the feelings he should not be having. After Lolita leaves for camp, Humbert and Charlotte Haze get engaged, this is purely from Humbert’s point of view just another way to stay in the house without question. However while Lolita is still at camp her mother gets run over by a car swerving from a dog and she is killed. Humbert now has to go and get Lolita from camp and tell her about her mother. They go to stay in a hotel and on the way she kisses him and again in the hotel. Humbert realises he still loves her and thought of being a good father figure leaves him. Also in the novel, towards the end or Part One, Humbert and Lolita’s relationship turns clearly sexual and it makes the reader question him, and whether we can trust how he describes the affair and how he says the Lolita seduced him in the hotel and not the other way around. Could Lolita of been too young to understand what was going on, the initial advance she makes on Humbert while she was so young is also questionable, Humbert was the only one she had at this point in her life, Humbert himself says ho w it was probably nothing huge for her, just exploring and living her adolescent life. And as Simone de Beauvoir says â€Å"She is already free of her childish past, and the present seems but a time of transition; it contains no valid aims, only occupations†Ã‚   [ 4 ]   .He also tells her at the end of Part One the truth about her mother and this upsets Lolita, drawing her closer and closer to Humbert, â€Å"in the middle of the night she came sobbing into mine, and we made it up very gently. You see, she had absolutely nowhere else to go†Ã‚   [ 5 ]   .

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Crude Oil Alternatives and The Future of the Transportation industry Research Paper

Crude Oil Alternatives and The Future of the Transportation industry (Trucking, Rail and Air) - Research Paper Example Historically transport has depended on animal power and then fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuels has been the human tradition for more than a century and a half now so there is little surprise that calls for change are gathering lingering discontent. The move to alternative energy systems may be slow but it is certainly steady. A number of avenues have been explored in regards to generating energy for the transportation industry. Ideas have ranged from the use of solar panels to the use of batteries in vehicles to power motion. These technologies can be seen as replacing the current transportation infrastructure altogether. However, certain other technologies such as the use of hydrogen will mean that the transportation infrastructure and principles will change but will not be replaced altogether. Another option is the merger between existing systems and newly introduced alternative technologies to create hybrid systems. These hybrid systems are currently the most viable option for changes in the transport industry. At this point in time, the transportation industry depends on one thing – an engine. All kinds of vehicles possess an engine to provide driving energy whether you talk of road vehicles, aquatic vehicles, air vehicles or space vehicles. The engine is fundamentally driven using materials that combust and in doing so provide energy. This applies equally across the board to all forms of conventionally powered vehicles. As far as changes to road vehicles are concerned, the industry has taken a large shift. In the early years of alternative energy development, the center focus remained the development of vehicles that utilized hydrogen as a fuel. This move was widely researched by leading manufacturers such as General Motors (GM), Ford, Honda, Toyota and BMW but a sustainable solution could not be found (BMW). One primary cause for the failure of this system was the need to replace the existing apparatus for fuelling while keeping costs to a mini mum. The oil based road vehicle took decades to come to a discernible form. Furthermore, a number of auxiliaries supports the oil based road vehicle in its operation. These include things such as manufacturing expertise, fuelling systems, maintenance systems etc. It was never practicable enough to realize a change in a few short years that would somehow replace the existing setup (Ghirardi, Togasaki and Seibert). Instead, the industry looked to other alternatives such as using the current hybrid systems. A hybrid system is essentially a combination of a conventional gasoline engine with a battery powered motor. The motor tends to operate in the lower driving speeds while the gasoline engine kicks in when more power is required. The road to change for road vehicles is expected to be the optimal path followed by other modes of transportation such as rail and air travel. Current attempts at alternative energy in air travel are looking at liquid hydrogen as the fuel of choice (Robertson ). However, rail transport alternative energy development is more advanced as hybrid solutions are being looked into. The rising costs of oil around the world are forcing manufacturers, retailers and operators to look for alternatives although the changes are not highly radical. In a few short years the price of crude oil has increased many fold. This trend is expected to continue as oil rich countries will control production

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Positive Effects of Media Exposure to Children PowerPoint Presentation

Positive Effects of Media Exposure to Children - PowerPoint Presentation Example Children’s exposure to media criticized at different levels for inculcating negative attitudes, behavior, and virtues in children. Among these negative effects include; Children’s exposure to scary programs like Harry Porter invoke long-term fear and anxiety on these children with recent studies supporting that these children are at risk of suffering post-traumatic stress. (Bushman & Gibson, 2010). Other studies by Bryant et al (1981) also support that long-term exposure of children to media promotes perpetual fear, which impairs children’s concept of social reality especially through programs that advance violence related themes. Uncontrolled media content progressively aired on media gives children an opportunity to access adult restricted films with sexual themes through marketing and advertising efforts decay the moral concept of children. (Association, 2012); (Pediatrics, 2010) Children also acquire aggressive behavior as they are exposed to violent programs by adopting antisocial behavior. (Halberstaadt, Denham, & Dunsmore, 2001) Bushman, B. J., & Gibson, B. (2010, August 11).  

Dualism and the Inconsistent Triad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Dualism and the Inconsistent Triad - Essay Example ive up the world-view given by the theories of physics on the one hand and the quite intuitive idea that we have about the functioning of our own minds and bodies on the other. Two important versions of dualism are Interactionism and Epiphenomenalism. The former view holds that mind and body, although being two mutually excluded and independent categories, interact together. The nature of interaction is bi-directional because the mental states affect the bodily states and the bodily states affect the mental states. Both the categories are causally efficacious. Epiphenomenalism, on the other hand holds that bodily states are causally active but mental states are causally inefficacious. Mental states therefore are epiphenomena in the sense that they have no causal power to act back on the body. Here the nature of interaction is uni-directional that is only from body to mind (Jacobsen, 66). The interactionist dualist cannot deny the proposition (1) â€Å"the body is physical and the mind is non-physical† (Jacobsen, 68) because it is the fundamental thesis of any form of dualism. So also, being interactionists, they cannot deny the proposition (2) either, which says that â€Å"the mind affects body and the body affects the mind (Jacobsen, 68). The apparent inconsistency arises when the proposition (3) which says that â€Å"all physical changes can be completely explained by their physical causes† (Jacobsen, 68) gets added to the other two propositions to form a set. In order to avoid the inconsistency, the interactionist has to keep the propositions (1), (2) and (3) all true within the same set. If an interactionist hold only (1) and (3) as true, it would end up in epiphenomenalism (Jacobsen, 69). So the strategy to get around the inconsistency triad must be one which avoids this and for that, one has to identify a solution which supports the mind-body in teraction. The principle of the closure of physical laws says that all physical changes can be explained by their

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Cooperative education application Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cooperative education application - Assignment Example 9) What is your organisation’s turnover? Brand House Advertising Service is located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established in 1992 with an intention to offer large format printing of designs & advertisings through both online and offline platform. In marketing term, Brand House Advertising Service is an advertising firm which specializes in offering printed billboards, designed advertising contents and sign boards to both retail and business customers (Brand House Advertising Service, 2013a). During the initial phase, Brand House started as print advertising contentment writing organization but on the later years the company has used the latest technologies in order to become a full-fledged printing and creative advertising firm. Employee strength in the organization is 140 employees spread into different branches. In my branch there are 25 employees and 10 of them are in my department. Noticeable fact is that, Brand House Advertising Service doesnâ₠¬â„¢t publish its financial report and also the top officials of the company were very secretive about disclosing its revenue to employees. Hence, it is not possible for me to assume exact turnover for Brand House. Currently, Brand House is positioned as 7 th in terms market capitalization in advertising industry of Riyadh while major competitors for the company are Al manara Advertising, 3 Points Advertising, 4 Sight Advertising etc (Topp10, 2011). Structure of the organization, can be depicted in the following manner. (Source: Brand House Advertising Service, 2013a) It is evident from the organizational chart of Brand House Advertising Service that the company follows centralized control model, where board of directors and president has the control over work of different departments. 4 vice presidents are appointed by the company in order to handle four verticals of business such as client service, creative service, marketing service and management &finance. Human resource departm ent works as separate functional department which undertakes responsibilities such as recruitment, training and performance management. Other 3 departments and associated subdivisions related to account supervisors, creative director and media research work under the supervisions of respective vice presidents. Value proposition of the company can be depicted in the following manner. (Source: Brand House Advertising Service, 2013b) The above diagram is showing the Key objective of Brand House is to deliver a planned design development procedure, which can help companies to achieve competitive advantage by establishing strong brand identity (Brand House Advertising Service, 2013a). 3. Your Position Description Job Title: Executive Secretary Workplace Supervisor: Naif M. Alsuba Brand House Advertising Service uses the tagline â€Å"Reach your potential customers†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ and the company tries to maintain this value proposition in all of its service offerings such as Large Format Printing  Brochures, Packaging and Branding, Industrial Displays, Stationeries, Graphic Designs, Exhibition Booths and Corporate Gift Items (Brand House Advertising Service, 2013b). In such context of value proposition, my responsibility or job description in the organization can be summarized in the following manner; Tasks/Responsibilities: I used to provide close administrative support for an executive. Executives include those at the management level of an organization who has the authority

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Unresolved conflicts in the region as a key obstacle in the Essay

Unresolved conflicts in the region as a key obstacle in the development of (the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the context) - Essay Example It is co-chaired by the United States, France and Russia. Negotiations hit a deadlock in 2011 leading to spread of the geographical scope to other regions far way from Nagorno-Karabakh. It has been identified that this conflict is the key barrier to peace, stability and development in the South Caucasus (Notholt, 2008, p68). A review of the reasons as to why both the external actors and the conflicting parties have an interest in maintaining the status quo reveals the reason why the peace negotiation process has currently hit a deadlock. For example, both the government of Armenian and Azerbaijani have not shown any genuine interest in achieving the negotiated outcomes, which are proposed by OSCE (Notholt, 2008, p34). The Nagorno-Karabakh government was officially excluded from participating in this peace process, and the Armenia government is currently representing them. NK officials are currently becoming impatient with isolation from the direct participation and the fact that the negotiation process is currently not underway (Croissant, 1998, p42). A number of factors do not favor the negotiation process in this region. For instance, the geographical context does not support this negotiation progress. This is because the key powerbrokers, which include The United States, Russia and Turkey, seem to be comfortable with the current status quo with respect to their strategic interests (Croissant, 1998, p34). In addition, they still promote arms race and power imbalance through security alliances and arms-trade with the conflicting parties. This is a clear evident that the external actors are not interested in finding a permanent solution to this conflict that will lead to long-lasting peace and development. Additionally, other nations like Iran and Georgia are interested in mediating this negotiation process, but members of OSCE have denied them the chance to participate. The United Nations Security Council has also been denied the

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Hydrogen bonding and drug designs Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hydrogen bonding and drug designs - Term Paper Example Hydrogen bonding and drug designs The extent of solubility of a solute depends on its hydrophilic nature. A molecule is more soluble if it can form numerous hydrogen bonds with its water solvent.1 Hydrophobic interactions between hydrophobic regions of the binding site of a ligand and its lipophilic surfaces are important predictors of its interactions in a biological system, which may affect water solubility to such an extent that may even result in unfavorable pharmacokinetic properties.2 It is thus evident that the number of hydrogen bonds made by a drug is an important determinant of its solubility, and ultimately, its bioavailability and effectiveness in a living system. This paper reviews three studies on the hydrogen bonding properties of drugs in an attempt to investigate the utility of hydrogen bonding studies in drug solubility prediction and drug design. Methodology The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of hydrogen bonding on the molecular properties of drugs dissolved in water. Additionally, other aspects of the role of hydrogen bonding in drug design will also be dealt with. For the purpose of this review, studies relevant to the aims of this paper were searched via Google Scholar. Three most relevant studies were chosen based on the correlation of their subject of study and the aims of this paper. Results The first study assessed the impact of hydrogen bonding on molecular properties, namely Infrared (IR) and Raman spectra, of three drug molecules (caffeine, aspirin, and ibuprofen) dissolved in water.... ssolved in water.3 The second study investigated various computational and experimental models for the prediction of aqueous drug solubility.4 The third study presented a theoretical calculation of the strength of hydrogen bonding of drug molecules. The findings of these studies are systematically reviewed here. As the first study3 investigated changes in spectra upon dissolution of drugs in water, a frequency calculation was done for three drug molecules (caffeine, aspirin, and ibuprofen) in both gas phase and aqueous solution. IR and Raman spectra of the molecules were analyzed to investigate the influence of both long and short-range interactions on spectral intensity and vibrational frequency. The investigated frequencies were divided into three regions, namely – high, middle and low frequencies. Four different calculations were carried out. The first two calculations began with gas phase geometry optimization followed by calculation of IR and Raman frequencies in the gas phase (GS) and in PCM (Polarized continuum model) using water as solvent. The last two calculations were also done in two stages – geometry optimization with the water molecules located where they are assumed to form hydrogen bonds, followed by calculation of IR and Raman frequencies with and without polarized dielectric continuum. The structures of the three drug molecules with hydrogen-bonded water are shown in figures 1, 2 & 3. Figure 1 — Structure of aspirin hydrogen bonded to water molecules Figure 2 — Structure of caffeine hydrogen bonded to water molecules Figure 3 — Structure of Ibuprofen hydrogen bonded to water molecules In case of caffeine, there was a very small IR absorbance in the high frequency region except for peaks of higher absorbance indicating presence of OH bonds in

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South Korea and New Zealand Relations Essay Example for Free

South Korea and New Zealand Relations Essay New Zealand continues to stand with South Korea†. When New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says â€Å"stands with,† he is signifying the key element to the positive diplomatic relations between New Zealand and South Korea that have existed for fifty years: New Zealand standing ‘side by side’ with South Korea. He emphasises that New Zealanders do not stand higher than Koreans or over them as an insignificant racial group, but instead, he defines the fifty-year long diplomatic friendship as one of equality and unity, with mutual respect between Kiwis and Koreans. Commerce has always been essential to maintaining the diplomatic alliance between New Zealand and its fifth largest trading partner, South Korea. New Zealand exports products such as dairy, beef, fruit and seafood, and imports cars, electronic goods and machinery from South Korea. Both countries have mutually benefited from this successful trading developed over the last five decades, with advantages to natives and foreigners in South Korea as well as New Zealand. The diplomatic relationship between these two countries, is no longer merely a window for safe trading, but is now considered a stable friendship whereby according to South Korean Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister, Kwang-shik Choe â€Å"peoples are freely travelling back and forth, becoming friends in the genuine sense. † The exchanges between Kiwis and Koreans across the Pacific Ocean have also been greatly expanded, allowing both countries to establish new campaigns such as student exchange and working holiday visas. So, what now? How can we improve our relationship even further? As they say, communication is a â€Å"two-way street. † In order to maintain and advance the friendship between New Zealand and South Korea, both cultures need to be open-minded and welcoming. This can be accomplished in several ways, for example by integrating schools and commercialising Korean entertainment here in New Zealand. This integration is important because it will strengthen the sense of ‘standing with’ one another, as Koreans embrace their assimilation into Kiwi life. I believe New Zealand can improve diplomatic relations and embrace the Korean culture more fully by offering Korean language as a school subject. New Zealand offers countless educational opportunities, both academic and social, to a diverse range of multicultural students. It is thus common for schools to offer languages such as French, German and Japanese. However, most New Zealand schools do not offer Korean. Because New Zealand’s second largest source of foreign students and sixth largest source f overseas visitors is South Korea, we ought to offer students the chance to study the Korean language and culture within our schools. In this way we will afford the 32,000 Koreans in New Zealand the chance to feel accepted by the Kiwi community as well as allowing Kiwis to gain a deeper understanding of their Korean neighbours, embrace their culture and learn their native language. Every year, hundreds of young Korean students are sent to New Zealand to improve their English. Once Kiwis no longer see the collective Asian races as one, but instead embrace Koreans as distinct individuals, our international students will stop isolating themselves and only mixing with â€Å"their own kind†. I believe that when New Zealand schools offer language programmes and student exchanges, both Koreans and Kiwis will make huge strides towards social integration and will stand side by side as equals, as John Key envisions. The saying â€Å"music unites the world† is completely true in regards to the relationship between New Zealanders and South Koreans. I believe that diplomatic relations between our countries will further improve when New Zealanders fully embrace Korean entertainment. Recently, the Hallyu wave has crashed onto our native sands and left a deep imprint on the hearts of Kiwis. Korean artists like Super Junior, U kiss, EXO, and Infinite etc. unknowingly promote themselves in New Zealand, and are loved by thousands of fans all over the country. The New Zealand Summer Kpop festival brings people who love the Korean culture, food, music and film, together in the one thing that unites us all Korean Pop. When Kpop is fully commercialized on local radio and television, the astounding talent of SM, JYPE and Mnet, for example: IU, Yesung (Super Junior) and Dong Bang Shin Ki, will be enjoyed by all Kiwis. No longer will fans feel rejected or be accused of having an â€Å"Asian fetish† if they prefer non-English music. I believe that radio stations like ZM and The Edge should promote Kpop daily so that Kiwis and Koreans can be exposed to both cultures, instead of isolating the Korean community by creating a separate Korean radio station. Also, Korean bands should play at Big Day Out along with the other nationalities that express their patriotism by their live performances. Music allows people to leap over language barriers. Therefore, in order to promote cultural relations with South Korea, it is important for Korean and Kiwi music to inter-weave equally at all levels, without prejudice, enabling us all to enjoy something familiar while learning about something completely different. I believe that the long-standing friendship between South Korea and New Zealand is strengthening and developing, as indicated by the figures of exchanges between the trading industry and the social advances to date. Above all, I believe Koreans need to be acknowledged into the community not identified by race, but by their character and the cultural and life lessons that they bring with them across the Pacific Ocean. I believe that if New Zealanders truly ‘stand with’ their Korean friends and neighbours, more open to embracing each other’s cultural uniqueness and overcoming the language barrier; our nations can prosper and deepen the existing friendship. As a beginner learner of Korean, a lover of Kpop, cuisine and dramas, I intend to â€Å"stand with South Korea,† in hopes of bringing the two nations together and continuing the strong friendship for another 50 years.

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The 1951 Refugee Convention

The 1951 Refugee Convention The 1951 Refugee Convention It is important to know that the UK is one of the signatories to the 1951 refugee convention therefore; when a person asks for asylum in the UK there are in fact asking the authorities to recognise them as a refugee under the 1951 UN refugee convention and they will qualify for protection under the refugee convention if they have a well founded fear of persecution or they may claim under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (or both), Article 3 of The European Convention on Human Rights stats that No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment It is important to consider that the UK has responsibility to provide them with accommodation and financial supports because UK is on one of the signatories to the 1951 refugee convention and European Convention on Human Rights. Now a day the majority of debates are against asylum seekers /refugees with some arguments in favour of them. First of all press and politicians are making a negative view on public opinion regarding asylum issue in the UK by inaccurate and offensive use of language to describe asylum seekers, People have little trust in the asylum system, believing it to be out of control, too generous to asylum seekers, and ineffective at removing refused asylum seekers.(Hobson, Cox, Sagovsky, 2008, P.17), When you listen to press or politicians you probably have the impression that the UK is invaded by asylum seekers (See image 1) Headline published in daily Express on 17 December 2002, they should use an accurate terminology when speaking about asylum seekers and immigration, The debate is not concerned with weather asylum is a problem, but how best to tackle it. (Brendon 2003) But the question is; Are asylum seekers really invaded the UK! There are many arguments against asylum seekers and refugees For example: Not genuine refugee, This argument is based on that the majority of asylum seekers are immigrant workers and they are here to steal our jobs but the truth is if they are skilful immigrant workers or unskilful, are likely to take jobs unwanted by the UK population and are willing to work without depending on welfare benefits then they will contribute positively to the UK economy as the UK desperately needs young and skilful workers. They are here for our benefits:Government research then shows that the foreign-born population contributes around ten per cent more to government revenues than they receive in benefits.1 Asylum seekers cannot able to claim welfare benefits and they only get financial support from the central government, most asylum seekers are living in poverty; Single asylum seekers in the UK have to survive on  £42.16 a week while couples without children receive  £66.13 a week. But when they get refugee status or leave to remain in the UK they can claim benefits and most of them are of working age with qualifications and skills. In the short term they might receive support, but in the longer term, most wish to find a job and do not want to live on the UK benefits. Those seeking asylum tend to be aged at least 20 years old, and hence are of working age the moment they start to interact with the welfare state. Contrast this to somebody born in the UK who will spend at least the first 18 years of their life scrounging off the state (in the form of a free education system and various financial child benefits) and it is clear that, over the course of a lifetime, it is much more likely that a successful asylum seeker will end up in credit with the welfare state than the life-long UK citizen. So the welfare argument fails.(Brendon (2003) Crime and Terrorism: It may be true that the crime figures are higher amongst asylum seekers but simple reason behind this is forbidden them to work, most asylum seekers are living in poverty, they get low level of support whilst claming asylum, they only need work permission to contribute positively to the UK economy as the UK desperately needs young workers. Too many foreigners: Some believe Britain is turning to a foreign land but the true is the UK is home to just 3.2% of nearly 9.2 million refugees world wide, in the other words what is wrong with people liking the UK even asylum seekers and refugees broaden and diversify our culture. Tighten the Rules Against Them: Some believe that the government should tighten the immigration rules in order to restrict the number being allowed into the UK, but the best way of reducing the number of asylum seekers in the long term is to reduce numbers of people forced to flee around the world by preventing and resolving conflict and promoting respect for human rights.

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hippies :: essays research papers fc

â€Å"Old hippies don't die, they just lie low until the laughter stops and their time comes round again.†(Stolley 238) Counterculture by definition is a culture, especially of young people, with values or lifestyles in opposition to those of the established culture. Counterculture way of life in the 1960s featured the ideas of, peace, love, music, drug use, freedom of sexuality, and much more, these ideas were mostly associated with the hippies. Hippies were mostly rebellious young people who wanted a change in there life style. Hippies experimented with many new ideas for the sixties. The Hippie-movement started in San Francisco in the 1960’s. It was an alternative way of life. The Hippie-movement was an uprising, display against war, and it was spreading the message of love and peace. Many Americans disagreed with the Hippy way of life mostly because of there beliefs of free sex, drugs, their music and their clothes. The hippy-revolution stunned many people The Life of the hippies was adverse to all authoritarian higher power structures since they are adverse to the hippie goals of peace, love and freedom. This is why the "Establishment" feared and covered up the hippie movement of the '60s, as it was a rebellion against the well-known order. Hippies did no believe in the routine 8 to 5 way of life and therefore were targets of hatred by the people who live there life that way. Nearly all hippies were without a job and got by everyday with help from the public social services. Hippies tried to change the world through reason and by staying true to what they believed. The Hippies had many philosophy’s in life, one of there core philosophy was, â€Å"Loving means accepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging them based on appearances.†(Stolley 240) Bibliography 1969 Woodstock.

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The Development of Fission and the Nuclear Reactor Essay -- Essays Pap

The Development of Fission and the Nuclear Reactor Nuclear transmutations had began in 1919 with an experiment by Earnest Rutherford. He demonstrated that nitrogen, when bombarded with alpha particles, can be turned into oxygen. During the 1920’s experiments continued, but collecting radioactive sources with a high enough intensity became hard. In 1931 the invention of the cyclotron and the Van de Graaff accelerator made a variety of other particles available, and strengthened nuclear studies. In 1934 Frederick Joliot discovered artificial radioactivity. The development of nuclear fission, the splitting of an elements heavy nucleus, like a uranium atom to form two lighter "fission fragments" as well as less massive particles as the neutrons, really began with the research of Enrico Fermi and his associates at the University of Rome, in Italy. In 1934 it was known that atoms consisted of a nucleus, containing protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons. It was also known that certain nuclei were radioactive. Radioactive nuclei emit alpha particles, which are pieces of nuclear matter containing two protons and two neutrons. After the alpha particle leaves the nucleus radium is changed into radon. If the radon gas is combined with several grams of beryllium then neutrons are found to be emitted. When the alpha particle enters a beryllium nucleus it provides enough kinetic energy for a neutron to burst out, leaving behind a carbon nucleus in the process. It was later determined that this energy could be harnessed by a nuclear reactor and used for power. A nuclear reactor causes a interaction between two or more nuclei, nuclear particles, or radiation, causing fission. Nuclear reactors are used ... strives to use energy wisely, existing resources will last longer. Less damage to the environment will occur. Thanks to the development of nuclear fission and the nuclear reactor, our society has seen many changes over the past 65 years. Nuclear energy has helped to take our country into the next era. From medical uses to powering submarines, nuclear energy has provided us with a much more advanced and efficient way of creating electricity and power. Bibliography Allison, Samuel. Constructive Uses of Atomic Energy. Freeport, NY: Harper& Row, Publishers, Inc, 1971. Dietz, David. Atomic Science, Bombs and Power. New York, NY: Collier Books, 1962. Graetzer, Hans. The Discovery of Nuclear Fission. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1971. Williams, Robert. The American Atom. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984.

Improving Our Ability to Make Decisions Essay -- Decision Making Proce

Decision-Making Process: Improving Our Ability to Make Decision Facing a situation, you have to decide. For example, the fire surrounds you: What do you do? Jump through the windows and risk to kill yourself or to wait the firemen and risk to be burned to death if they come to late? Every decision that we make or don’t make shapes our future. Everyone tries to make good decisions. However, it is easy to overlook an important factor, miss a desirable option, or base the decision on unreliable information. In addition, fear of making a wrong choice can cause someone to postpone decisions, leading to miss opportunities. A businessperson must have the ability to make decisions under the pressure of time and circumstances. This ability needs a good knowledge of the decision making process. From a practical point-of-view, of the most important human skills is decision-making. Both at a personal level and in context of organizations, decision-making skill strongly affects the quality of life and success. Decision-making is the process by which a person or group recognizes a choice, gathers information, analyzes the data, and determines the best option to choose. The decision-making process employs high levels of critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques. Decisions are guided by several factors, primarily the significance of the issue, the impact the decision may have, and the person's or group's morals and cultural norms. For less significant decisions that have little impact, people might not invoke the higher thinking skills that theorists expect (Decision-Making 2015). Flipping a coin, hoping for a miraculous sign, following the crowd, or by passing the responsibility to someone else are all means of making decisions. For more important decisions with gr eater impact, people often employ more advanced thought processes like those demonstrated in decision-making models by social psychologists and behaviorists. Most theories accept the idea that decision-making consists of a number of steps or stages such as improving creativity, critical thinking skills, and problem solving techniques. It is well recognized that routine cognitive processes such as memory, reasoning, and concept formation play a primary role in decision-making (Decision-Making 2015). Leaders know in their gut that creativity and innovation are the life blood of their o... ...d are seldom subject to critical review. As a result, managers frequently have a difficult time improving their decision-making capacity. Good business decisions are the heart of a successful organization. Without a process decisions may be made by the most powerful or influential person in the group or not made at all. Good decision-making is a balance between getting the most of what we want with as little risk as possible. It means that we include the right people and use a process that encourages participation while keeping or focus clearly on the decision at hand. This allows people to make the decision with a high degree of confidence and efficiency. Works Cited:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Critical Thinking Skills. (2015). Web. March 7, 2015 Decision-Making. (2015). Web. March 7, 2015 Problem Solving and Decision Making. (2015). Web. March 8, 2015 Tubbs, S.L. (2004) A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing Corporation. Welch, D. (2001). Decisions, Decisions: The Art of Effective Decision Making New York State. Prometheus Books.

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The Epic of Beowulf: Order Overpowers Chaos

In the epic poem Beowulf, the warrior hero Beowulf chooses to confront the tyrannical monster Grendel in his own domain, the hijacked mead hall of Heorot. A battle of brute strength ensues, in which Grendel, unable to escape his opponent's awesome armgrip, rips away from his own arm and flees, dying soon after from bloodloss. Beowulf's victory, though relatively early in the story, is a pivotal moment that signifies the defeat of discord and the return of civilization.Due to the stark ifferences in their appearances, lineages, and tactics of warfare, Grendel and Beowulf in battle symbolize the recurring conflict between chaos and order. When it comes to physical form, Grendel's wild nature is demonstrated by his scaly, barbed, hulking fgure and his razor-sharp talons, while Beowulf's powerful human form and clothing present him as much more civil. As the Danish soldiers marvel at the monster's severed arm, they notice that â€Å"Every nail, claw-scale and spur, every spike and welt on the hand of that heathen brute was like barbed steel.Everybody said here was no honed iron hard enough to pierce him through, no time-proofed blade that could cut his brutal blood-caked claw' (983-989). Their description not only refers to their unsuccessful attempts to penetrate Grendel's flesh by blade, but it illustrates a conception of his features as a whole. The creature's size and bodily protrusions characterize the hostile nature of Grendel, making him uncivilized to the point of being inhuman. Beowulfs features, however, have the opposite effect.Speaking of the hero, the Danish coast guard exclaims, â€Å"Nor have I seen a mightier an-at-arms on this earth than the one standing here: unless I am mistaken, he is truly noble. This is no mere hanger-on in hero's armor† (247-251). Beowulfs appearance and frame, although imposing, do not spark fear such as that of Grendel, but rather awe and respect. Likewise, his characteristics portray him as honorable, including his sleeping garments when he decides to face Grendel unaided by sword or breastmail (669-673); both his clothing and appearance of chivalry depict him as a fair and ethical fghter.Therefore, while Grendel's monstrous image paints him as a arbinger of anarchy, Beowulf's regal aspect and normal human look illustrate his role as civilization. In the case of their family backgrounds, Beowulf is a prince descended from many honourable and noble kings who served their people, and is therefore orderly; Grendel, in contrast, is the offspring of generations' worth of violent sinners, mainly the biblical Cain, and is feral by default. When asked of his origins, â€Å"The man whose name was known for courage, the Geat leader, resolute in his helmet, answered in return: We are retainers from Hygelac's band.Beowulf is my name† (340-343). The Geat warrior inherits a lineage that manifests itself in his name and reputation. Essentially, Beowulf and his ancestors are known for being valiant an d honorable, which are reflected in his actions, such as his offer to face Grendel. In contrast to the poem's protagonist, Grendel is a member of â€Å"Cain's clan, whom the Creator had outlawed and condemned as outcasts†¦. and out of the curse of his exile there sprang ogres and elves and evil phantoms and the giants brother, is infamous for being violent and vengeful; such traits are conferred to Grendel.Like his ancestor, Grendel ambushes his enemies without warning while gnoring moral conduct, effectively depicting his wild disposition. In essence, Grendel's heritage embodies his part in the conflict as barbarism, whereas that of Beowulf paints him as civil society. Lastly, what ultimately determines the two characters' natures is their fighting strategies: Grendel lashes out and demolishes his enemies in the middle of the night, but Beowulf chooses to fght without weapons to ensure a fair battle.The monster's unjust battle tactics are outlined in â€Å"the vicious raids and ravages of Grendel, his long and unrelenting feud, nothing but war; how he ould never parley or make peace with any Dane nor stop his death-dealing nor pay the death-price† (152-156). By choosing to ambush his enemies in their moments of vulnerability, Grendel highlights his own lack of ethical standards, as well as his inner cowardice, both shameful traits for a warrior to possess.His tactics of constant war and ignorance with respect to war atonement also feature his savage essence, making him the embodiment of lawlessness. In reference to his opponent, Beowulf states that â€Å"He has no idea of the arts of war, of shield or sword-play, although he does possess a wild strength. No weapons, therefore, for either this night: unarmed he shall face me if face me he dares. And may the Divine Lord in His wisdom grant the glory of victory to whichever side He sees fit† (681-687).His decision to battle Grendel without arms exemplifies both his sense of honor in warfare a s well as his courage; on a different note, it is also indicative of his intelligence, as none of the other warriors were aware that Grendel's hide was impervious to weapons. Additionally, Beowulf accepts that the fate of the brawl will ultimately be chosen by God, demonstrating his moral values. As a result, Grendel represents disorder hrough his cowardly war strategies and his unethical values; Beowulf, on the other hand, symbolizes organized society due to his courtesy in war as well as his valor.By virtue of their symbolic roles as order and chaos, Beowulf and Grendel oppose each other Just as they did in the mead hall. The very existence of both fgures was inherently contradictory, illuminated by the fact that â€Å"As long as either lived, he was hateful to the other† (814-815). Lawfulness cannot be present while anarchy and tumult remain. Therefore, Beowulf's overthrow of Grendel personifies the transition from discord and turmoil to order and civilization.

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Organizational Behavior Concepts Essay

Organization behavior concepts are the study and identification of management activities and strategies that provide employee effectiveness through understanding of the complex nature of individual, group and organization process. Organization behaviors concept draws from variety of disciplines including psychology and sociology to explain the behaviors of people in the company. Therefore concepts are methods or formulas followed to govern the individual or group productivity of the company and the effectiveness of leadership in an organization. Since more companies are looking at how to automate and improve their services, they are creating self-services opportunities for employees and streamlining application based process so as managers can focus on key issues while performing their task. This has brought about a great success to software companies for the rise in demand of their products and services. IBM being a Worlds premier single source provider for multi-vender IT solutions has a great success that encouraged more planned concept to enhance the corporation meet its target and consumers need. Human resource practices Human resource management has become one of the most important aspects of running a company. It has been realized that having a competent and a motivated workforce can help a company create a competitive advantage which other companies may find hard to replicate in the market. Therefore there is need for the company to take bold step in order to address issue of hiring and retaining a competent work force. It will begin by changing the style of leadership from the authoritative rule in order to give the workers more freedom to make their own decision as pertains to the operation of the organization. But them most important thing is for the organization to come up with a human resource plan that will be integrated in the overall growth strategy. A strategic human resource plan will define issue on hiring, retaining, training and development of the workforce in order to maintain a competitive workforce. According to the famous McGregor’s theory x and y, in x mangers assume workers are lazy and irresponsible and require constant supervision and external motivation to achieve organizational goals. The theory y managers assume workers want to work and can direct and control themselves. In advocating for theory y, managers who allow opportunities for individual challenge and initiative and who encourage participation would achieve superior performance. (Glyn 1999) Through the years, IBM has consistently practiced and emphasized the development of human relation to achieve individual goals. Through practice, The Company has managed to achieve notable achievements in attraction of new and retaining current customers. IBM has given a great consideration in strengthening relationship between the customers and the company which have brought about a great growth in sales both locally and internationally. IBM has a planned strategy to be followed by leaders and employees that avoids differences in interpretation of issues and ideas that may favor the relationship between them. The set rules govern all issues addressing any human relation in the company therefore saving money and time. The IBM has well organized bureaucratic strategies which have eliminated variability in result. When new employees are employed, they come in with different skills, experiences and goals, the rules themselves are standardized so that the personnel changes do not disrupt the whole company’s human resource management. When each individual employs personal skills, ideas and goals they may not rhyme and this may cause difference in management and definitely misunderstanding between individuals or group. Therefore this has been fully put in to consideration and has helped the company achieve in the competitive market. This have also helped the company position faster specialized skills eliminating many subjective judgments by managers where rules and regulations are established properly and have a set method to follow to avoid different individuals employing their rules hence causing conflict between the concerned parties. This has gone hand in hand with training of leaders and employees on the set rules to standardize their performance and reinforcing human resource department. IBM has currently been able to achieve the right segment in the market which has made it possible for the company to enter the main stream of the market. This was made possible close interaction between the company and customers through entering into contracts with local and international companies raising the need for close relationship and work together to fill the demand and high sales volume. Motivation Motivation is the force or impetus behind behavior and actions. This energizes behavior and directs behavior towards a goal. In IBM, managers are always expected to create a desire of working to employees by creating conducive environment and a favoring atmosphere for working. IBM has been advocating the use of reinforcement by rewarding. An attractive object or event is supplied as a consequence of a particular work done perfectly. According to behavior approach to motivation, managers have an understanding of employees motivation which begins with careful analysis of incentive and rewards that are present in the company. These incentives are like privileges and money. Its always managers responsibility in IBM to identify behaviors that need to be reinforced like outstanding performance, punctuality, neatness and completion of work. The managers are always alert to notice the desired behavior occur. Occurrence is always accompanied by reinforcement. An employee who shows an improved performance is rewarded. The principle is that reinforcement strengthens behavior and gives that exact behavior a chance to occur again. In IBM, cognitive approach state that behavior is determiner by over thinking and not reward or punishment, it is initiated and regulated by mental process and not external events. Managers’ role in motivation is to help workers develop on curiosity and help them develop methods for searching for information. In IBM, workers are trained to be intrinsically motivated. The social working approach is an integration of cognitive and behavior aspect. This theory sees motivation as a product of two main forces, individual expectations of success in a task and vicarious experience. Individual expectation of success is determined by personal effectiveness, personal effectiveness is also called self efficiency and refers to personal confidence. The manager should empower employees to become competent in performing a task. If the empl9oyee knows that he will succeed in doing a task, then his motivation will be high. Vicarious experience constitutes the observation of other workers and compares performance. If the worker discovers that his performance is poor, he may lose his sense of competence. In this respect the manager should the employee to keep up with level of performance of other employees so that motivation is highlighted. Though intrinsic motivation comes from the worker, is referred to as ego involvement. This results from employees identification with desired goal. The employee is fully involved in learning a task. Managers task is to empower the employee to identify with that work if the need for confidence is made. Competence means ability to perform) Ability to master every a task also mean competitiveness. In a task every employee has interest and desire to perform confidently in a company’s task. Managers’ role is to discover how to empower the employee to achieve. In IBM corporation managers assist the employee by providing them with opportunity to become competent and help them to avoid failure. They achieve this by giving them a task that they are intellectually capable of achieving. When an employee is successful in performing a task, his self concept is enhanced and this gives great respect to the company. In IBM Corporation, motivation is displayed in personal goals and that very many motives are personalized depending on what the company wants to achieve. These personalized goals determine individual level of aspiration. Due to continued success, there is always an aspiration to modify and develop company’s strategies that would enhance better performance for both managers and employees. Organizational structure The IBM Corporation has a well planned leadership strategy which is an important factor that determines the viability of an organization operation. Good leadership is responsible for growth of the organization while unplanned leadership is responsible for drift in an organization. Planning mode of leadership, there should be a procedure to follow and that will help in determining the weaker points in the leadership therefore avoiding drift. Management is the most important factor that determines the viability of any organization operation. Good management is responsible for growth of the organization while bad managements can be held responsible for collapse of organizations. The IBM Corporation is currently being held at ransom by the kind of leadership structure. There are many kinds of leadership that are used in running organizations depending on the kind of the organization. In IBM the authoritative kind of leadership in the organization has been responsible for some of the problems like making of decision for the organization. In this regard it is clear that there is a problem in making decision since they are made from the top and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has to be consulted before any decision is made despite the fact that there are other people in the organization who are more experienced in this work. Authoritative leadership holds the organization to the management and it discourages innovation since the CEO has to be consulted on all matters regarding the operation of the organization. The CEO acts to provide guidance for the organization and one of the duties of CEO are to delegate duties of the office. In this regard, the CEO has to give some of the authority to other managers in the organization in order to decentralize decision making process. Rise in the interest in developing people through out the organization could be attributed to a number of factors. In IBM, employees are taking broader ranges of responsibility, managers, in particular are faced with a completely new environment. They are responsible for more people often worked in strategy-oriented companies and therefore, the skills and competencies that previously served them well no longer work. They have to make fundamental changes and come up with more planned productive strategies to avoid drift. (Jackson 2005) Advertisement is another most important component that characterizes the operation of IBM Corporation in the market since it raises the awareness of the consumers about the availability of the products in the market. Therefore a well planned advertisement is an important component that helps a company to penetrate the market especially when introducing a new product. Lack of a planned advertisement may have limited growth of the company which in return may cause losses in the company. Keeping in mind that the company is operating in a very competitive market, there is a need to plan strategies to follow to avoid any sort of dissatisfaction to the customers which may lead to a drift. IBM Corporation market has a wide scope which comprises of many factors. These factors are essential for the maintenances of businesses competitiveness of the services and goods being delivered by the company in the market, either in goods or services, the IBM marketing team has the privileges of collecting relevant data from its market target which quite fundamental is its goods and service improvements that enable the maintenances of high competitiveness in the international markets. (Michael 1993) When introducing a new technology in the organization, IBM Corporation has a proper planning that enables the employees adapt and learn much quicker because lack of proper planning can cause a drift that may be hard to recover. The corporation has set strategies to be followed and adequate training to lessen the risk of taking more time omitting other duties. The introduction of new technology in a company has caused a drift in many companies for most managers command employees on making use of technology that they are not used to therefore causing alternation of formally followed rules. Example, if the company has been using paper work may in accounting department, introduction of computers may alter the set road map because of training and mental ideas that one is supposed to do more than before therefore causing a drift. To avoid this, the IBM Corporation has set a long term planning and informs the employees in advance so as they may be prepared physically, mentally and psychologically to avoid more excitement on introduction of the new technology. Conclusion If the company fails to have a proper planning, is likely to be faced by many challenges. One of the biggest challenges the company is likely to face in the structure of the business in the sense that will be difficult to change or recover. The managers may work hard but the competitors may continue enjoying great profits due to lack of proper management strategy. Management should be well planed and strictly followed to know the weaker parts of management. A well addressed strategy in all areas of leadership will enhance a greater interest in the company, workers participation and productivity. In IBM, the relationship between managers, employees and consumers is valued and put in to great consideration, this is encouraged because it gives a good reputation to the company hence increasing its business achievements world wide.

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Service Learning Reflection

I chose to go to my home town to work with Kid's Klub for my service learning project. Kid's Klub is a ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church offering quality before and after school care and summer camp programs for children ages five to fourteen. The reason I chose to go to my home town for this project is because I regularly participate in this program when I am home for breaks. While I am there I assist the children in any area in which they may need extra help, as well as helping with preparations that need to be made for activities and field trips. This project relates to the passage of Matthew 25:31-40. This passage talks about children in reference to helping each other out when one is in need and doing the right thing. Another passage that I would like to mention is Proverbs 22:6. This states that a child should be raised in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it. Kid's Klub is a program that offers care to children before and after school. Being that it acts similarly to a daycare it gives children the opportunity to work on homework or projects they might need to finish, or just to have time to interact with other children and enjoy games and activities. In addition, they are taught scripture in fun ways that they will enjoy. Being able to do such activities in this environment gives the children numerous opportunities to help one another. It is also great that the children are able to associate with different age groups; they are always able to teach each other new things and be able to ask advice from someone that they might feel more comfortable talking to since they are closer to their own age. While I was there, I acted as a teacher, or mentor, as well as a friend. It was my job to assist them with their homework, projects and to clarify what they were going over in bible classes. I also helped prepare dinner for them and played games with them until their parents were able to pick them up. I was also there to mediate and help the kids make the right decision when there were conflicts or arguments. By doing so, they are learning how they should deal with situations and what is the right or wrong way to handle them. It is really amazing to see this first hand when I see the kids oluntarily helping one another with assignments and resolving issues on their own in ways that benefit everyone involved positively. I chose to mention Proverbs 22:6 because it acts as a precursor to the main passage of relation to this service. This passage states that a child should be raised in the way that he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it. I think it is important to include when dealing with children because it is a top priority to teach them. Children must be taught right and wrong in the first place before they will be able to employ those tactics in their lives. It is important that they know what it means to help one another and how much it could mean for one in need as well as the one providing the service. This is why it is important that children receive help when they are in need. The probability that one might help another is much greater when they have been shown the same sort of assistance when they were in need. Once they are shown this, it will stick with them through their lives and they will always know what is right and wrong no matter what. It is not as simple to teach what is right and wrong in this day and age, which is another reason why it is so important. Because of today's society, it has become a standard to disregard morals that we should learn as children and keep with us through our lives. â€Å"In today’s tumultuous society, morality often gets brushed aside as just another part of the fairy tale, and those learning moments of our youth become just another ‘happily ever after' tale that seems unbelievable by today’s standards† (Lebeau). I think it is equally important to teach values so that children are sure to be able to employ them in their lives by helping others. The main passage that I chose is Matthew 25:31-41. This passage talks about treating one another right. Ultimately how we treat one another will determine whether we are saved. It's purpose is to decide whether or not one will be permitted to the eternal kingdom or will be consigned to eternal punishment (NIV, 25:41). The King will separate the children according to whether or not they have helped others when they were in need. This, in turn, makes the obvious point that we need to be taught and to teach others hat is right or wrong and that we need to help each other, regardless of who we are; we do not discriminate. This is shown in one of the verses as follows: â€Å"The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me'† (25:40). When we do good to others, we are doing good to god. Even though we do not have to opportunity to show this directly, it is seen and is important. Both of these passages are of equal importance when addressing what is right and helping others. Children are the future of humanity, therefore it is essential that this is stressed during the early years of their lives. These situations are presented everyday in life, young and old, and it remains important through all of our years. That is why I enjoyed working with the kids and the fact that I was an influence on them. There is nothing I love more than helping children understand why we are to do what is expected. This was certainly a beneficial experience for me as well as the children and we can all take valuable information and learn from our time together.

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Practice Final Exam Eng-092

Practice Final Exam Eng-092 Part 1: In this section of the final exam, you will be asked questions about Active Reading Strategies. You will need to know the definitions of each one in order to answer the questions on the final exam. As a way of preparing, test your knowledge of each strategy by defining or describing each one in the space below. Prediction – making educated guesses; guessing about thoughts, events, outcomes, and conclusions. Predictions are confirmed or denied, and the reader makes new predictions.Questioning/Wondering – ask questions based on material in the text. Read with an eye toward finding answers to questions. Summarizing – putting a text’s main ideas and main supporting points into one’s own words. Visualizing – words and ideas on the page trigger mental images that relate directly or indirectly to the material. Making Connections – relate existing knowledge to new information in the text Part 2: Read the fol lowing passage in the left column. In the Think-Aloud section in the right column, read the thoughts of someone who has already read this passage.Next, in each blank, identify the reading strategy this reader activated while reading the passage, â€Å"Chicago and Cleveland. † Chicago and Cleveland (1) Chicago, at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, is a port city. (2) It is also an important commercial (3) and industrial center of the Midwest. It is well known for its educational, cultural, and recreational centers. Chicago draws thousands to its concert halls, art museums, and sports arenas. (4) Cleveland, on the south shore of Lake Erie, is also a port city and a commercial and industrial center important to its area (5). Feature Article Fin 486 Final ExamLike Chicago, it has several important educational, cultural, and recreational centers. It has colleges and universities, and a distinguished (6) symphony orchestra. It has one of the finest art museums of the world, and many recreational centers. The location of the two cities contributed to their growth, but this similarity is not enough to explain the wide social diversity(7) (8). [Adapted from Smith, Breaking Through, 7th edition, p. 191] Think-Aloud (1) As I read the title, I ask myself if it’s a passage about how Chicago and Cleveland are alike. – PREDICTION 2) I can imagine ships docking at the ports. – VISUALIZING (3) Does â€Å"commercial† mean â€Å"business†? – QUESTIONING/WONDERING (4) I have been to many of the concert halls, museums, and sports arenas in Chicago. – MAKING CONNECTIONS (5) It seems like the author is going to compare Chicago and Cleveland. – PREDICTION (6) What does the word â€Å"distinguished† mean? – QUESTIONING/WONDERING (1) I’m confused by the words â€Å"social diversity. † I reread the sentence, and realize the author is not just comparing the locations, but the social opportunities in both cities. – QUESTIONING/WONDERING (2) 3) This passage explains how these two cities have so much in common. It’s not only their locations that make them alike, it’s also their social diversity. – SUMMARIZING (4) Part 3: In this section, while reading the following passage, record the reading strategies you apply in order to construct meaning in the Think-Aloud column. Identify and explain each of the strategies you apply and indicate the number of the paragraph in which you apply each strategy. Write notes in the margin and underline parts of the text as you read, to help show your strategies. Beauty and the BeefWhen was the last time you opened a carton in a fast food restaurant and found a hambur ger as appetizing as the ones in the TV commercials? On television the burger is a magnificent piece of flame-broiled beef. It is topped with crisp lettuce, bright and delicious red tomatoes, tangy onions, and plump pickles. All of this is between two halves of a gigantic sesame seed bun. But of course, the real-life Whoppers can’t compare to what you see on TV. (Par. 1) When making a Burger King commercial, an advertising agency spends at least one full day filming the food.A food stylist prepares the frozen beef patties for the camera. The filming crew first spends two hours setting up lights that will flatter the burger. The stylist begins burning â€Å"flame broiling stripes† into the hamburger patties by using a special branding iron. The stylist then paints the stripes with a dark steak sauce. Next, the stylist sprinkles salt on the burger so that when it passes over the flames, natural juices will rise to the meat’s surface. (Par. 2) Once branded, retouch ed, and juiced, the director films the burgers from different angles as they move along a conveyor-belt broiler.When the meat is broiled, blood rises to the surface in small pools. The stylist dabs at the bubbling blood with a Q-tip so that is doesn’t look undesirable to TV viewers. (Par. 3) Before the patty passes over the flame a second time, the stylist maneuvers a small electric heater about an inch above the burger. This heats up the natural fatty juices until they begin to steam and sizzle. Otherwise, puddles of grease will cover the meat. (Par. 4) Think-Aloud (page one) (Par. 1) PREDICTION (Par. 2) VISUALIZING (Par. 3) QUESTIONING/WONDERING (Par. 4) MAKING CONNECTIONSIf you look at a real Whopper closely, you’ll discover that the flame-broiling stripes are only on the top side of the beef patty. Hamburgers are sent through the flame-broiler once and never flipped over. But on television commercials, the beef patty is fetchingly covered with flame-broiled stripes . (Par. 5) The camera crew has five or ten seconds to capture a good, sizzling, beef patty on film. After that, the hamburger starts to shrink quickly. Out of one day’s work, an agency hopes to get five seconds of film footage. Most of the time the patties are too raw, bloody, greasy, or small. (Par. ) In the final shot of the filming, the stylist has carefully nudged and manicured the ingredients so that they sit just right on the top of the burger. The lettuce and juicy red tomatoes are cut, trimmed, and then piled on top of a cold, cooked hamburger patty. It is then sprayed with a mist of glycerin to make it glisten. Finally, the hamburger is topped with a sesame-seed bun. The stylist positions each seed on the bun. He dips a toothpick in glue and, with a tweezers, places about 300 seeds, one by one, onto a bun. When it’s over, the crew packs up the equipment, and seventy-five hamburgers are dumped in the garbage. Par. 7) [Adapted from Smith, The Lifelong Reader, 20 04, pp. 163-165] Think-Aloud (page two) (Par. 5) MAKING CONNECTIONS (Par. 6) VISUALIZING (Par. 7) SUMMARIZING Part 4: Thesis Statement and Main Idea. Reread the passage on Beauty and the Beef. This time, however, you will first identify the stated or unstated main idea of each paragraph. Second, state the thesis statement of the passage. Beauty and the Beef When was the last time you opened a carton in a fast food restaurant and found a hamburger as appetizing as the ones in the TV commercials?On television the burger is a magnificent piece of flame-broiled beef. It is topped with crisp lettuce, bright and delicious red tomatoes, tangy onions, and plump pickles. All of this is between two halves of a gigantic sesame seed bun. But of course, the real-life Whoppers can’t compare to what you see on TV. (Par. 1) When making a Burger King commercial, an advertising agency spends at least one full day filming the food. A food stylist prepares the frozen beef patties for the camera. The filming crew first spends two hours setting up lights that will flatter the burger.The stylist begins burning â€Å"flame broiling stripes† into the hamburger patties by using a special branding iron. The stylist then paints the stripes with a dark steak sauce. Next, the stylist sprinkles salt on the burger so that when it passes over the flames, natural juices will rise to the meat’s surface. (Par. 2) Once branded, retouched, and juiced, the director films the patties from different angles as they move along a conveyor-belt broiler. When the meat is broiled, blood rises to the surface in small pools. The stylist dabs at the bubbling blood with a Q-tip so that is doesn’t look undesirable. Par. 3) Before the patty passes over the flame a second time, the stylist maneuvers a small electric heater about an inch above the burger. This heats up the natural fatty juices until they begin to steam and sizzle. Otherwise, puddles of grease will cover the meat. (Par. 4) If you look at a real Whopper closely, you’ll discover that the flame-broiling stripes are only on the top side of the beef patty. Hamburgers are sent through the flame-broiler once and never flipped over. But on television commercials, the beef patty is fetchingly covered with flame-broiled stripes. Par. 5) The camera crew has five or ten seconds to capture a good, sizzling, beef patty on film. After that, the hamburger starts to shrink quickly. Out of one day’s work, an agency hopes to get five seconds of film footage. Most of the time the patties are too raw, bloody, greasy, or small. (Par. 6) In the final shot of the filming, the stylist has carefully nudged and manicured the ingredients so that they sit just right on the top of the burger. The lettuce and juicy red tomatoes are cut, trimmed, and then piled on top of a cold, cooked hamburger patty.It is then sprayed with a mist of glycerin to make it glisten. Finally, the hamburger is topped with a sesame-seed b un. The stylist positions each seed on the bun. He dips a toothpick in glue and, with a tweezers, places about 300 seeds, one by one, onto a bun. When it’s over, the crew packs up the equipment, and about seventy-five hamburgers are dumped in the garbage. (Par. 7) [Adapted from Smith, The Lifelong Reader, 2004, pp. 163-165] A. Identify the main idea of each paragraph. (Par. 1) There is a difference between what we see in TV commercials and reality when it comes to fast food. Par. 2) â€Å"When making a Burger King commercial, an advertising agency spends at least one full day filming the food. † (Par. 3) Great effort is made during filming to remove anything that the TV viewer would find unappetizing. (Par. 4) Great effort is made during filming to ensure that the food’s worst characteristic—fat—is removed from the commercial. (Par. 5) The biggest difference between TV and reality is that the real burgers have grill marks on only one side because r eal burgers are never flipped, while the commercial shows the burger being flipped over an open flame. Par. 6) The agency hopes to get five seconds of footage, but most of the time, the burgers show their true nature: they’re too raw, bloody, greasy, or small. (Par. 7) While huge efforts are made to make the burger look as delicious as possible, at the end of the day, a massive amount of food waste is the main result of making a TV commercial. B. State the thesis of this passage. TV commercials for fast food use hours of studio time, specialized techniques, and nearly one hundred real burgers to create an unrealistically ppetizing image of a fatty, greasy product: it’s all about appearances, while reality is ugly and filming is wasteful. Part 5: Answer the following comprehension and vocabulary questions by circling a, b, c, or d. 1. The author explains that most of the work on the burgers being filmed in the commercials is done by a a. professionally trained food styl ist. b. chef. c. make-up artist. d. special-effects person. 2. The author explains that, while salting the patties encourages natural juices to rise to the meat’s surface, it also a. makes the burgers inedible. b. darkens the meat. c. auses blood to rise to the surface in small pools. d. dries out the meat. 3. The author’s point of view seems to be that a. advertising is an exciting field, requiring the work of many specialists and experts. b. the making of a fast-food commercial is expensive, wasteful, and not particularly honest. c. Burger King’s ads are works of genius. d. people should not eat hamburgers, no matter how good they look on TV. 4. The author explains that the hamburger in the final shot looks so perfect for all of the following reasons except a. the ingredients are put onto the front part of the burger. . the food stylist has carefully glued each sesame seed on the bun. c. burger is sprayed with glycerine. d. the burger is actually made with 50% more beef. 5. Hundreds of beef patties are wasted during the filming of a commercial. a. True b. False c. Can’t tell from the information given in the passage. 6. â€Å"and found a hamburger as appetizing† (Par. 1) In this sentence, appetizing means a. tempting b. nutritious c. large d. shiny 7. â€Å"Thus branded, retouched, and juiced† (Par. 3) In this sentence, retouched means a. dabbed b. made-up or improved c. cooked d. andled 8. â€Å"the food stylist maneuvers a small electric heater† (Par. 4) In this sentence, maneuvers means a. encounters b. designs c. purchases d. moves into place 9. â€Å"fetchingly covered with flame-broiled strips† (Par. 5) In this sentence, fetchingly means a. completely b. attractively c. visibly d. carefully 10. â€Å"carefully nudged and manicured the ingredients† (Par. 7) In this sentence, manicured means a. handled b. repaired c. painted with polish d. carefully trimmed Part 6: Answer the following multip le choice questions by circling a, b, or c. 1. â€Å"Who’s† is a. ossessive case of root word, showing that third person owns or possesses something b. contraction of root word and â€Å"is† c. possessive pronoun, meaning that second person owns or possesses something 2. â€Å"Wear† is a. past tense of â€Å"are† b. in what place? c. to have on one’s body 3. â€Å"Their† is a. contraction of root word and â€Å"are† b. possessive pronoun, meaning that a third person owns or possesses something c. location 4. â€Å"Cite† is a. sense of vision b. a place or location c. to credit a source 5. â€Å"Since† is a. because b. money or change c. to feel, hear, taste, see, or smell somethingPart 7: Write a thesis statement, including your main supporting points, for the following topics: (Answer Key Note: Student should write an argumentative thesis statement that, crucially, includes several supporting points explaining hi s/her stance. ) 1. The United States should/should not place a â€Å"fat tax† on foods that have a low nutrition-to-calorie ratio. The United States should place a â€Å"fat tax† on foods that have a low nutrition-to-calorie ratio because people who eat those foods often are at a greater risk for terminal diseases, so paying more for the food might help them to make better choices for their health. 2.Physician-assisted suicide should/should not be an option for terminally ill people. Physician-assisted suicide should be an option for terminally ill people because our prohibition on end-of-life choice is based on religious superstition and denies free, conscious adults a basic right to dictate how they live their lives until the end of life. 3. Every country in the world should/should not enforce a two-child limit on parents. Every country in the world should enforce a two-child limit on parents because the human population is growing out of control and humans are destr oying the environment for all other creatures—and ourselves.Part 8: Read the following sentences and decide how you can order them in order to create a strong organization for a paragraph. 1. To illustrate, a French male is likely to stand closer to you than a British male, even if they had equally positive attitudes toward you. 2. A set of useful guidelines has been developed for estimating how close to stand to another person (at least in many cultures). 3. Cultural differences must be kept in mind in interpreting nonverbal cues. Answere: 3, 2, 1

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Developing A Marketing Plan for a New Product Essay

Developing A Marketing Plan for a New Product - Essay Example Overseas we also not only have the same competitors we have here, but other local competitors, such as the great candy makers in Switzerland for example. All of these factors have to be taken into consideration. Especially important is the local ideals of a region when running advertisement, as we need to be sure to not run an ad that could be considered offensive in another country. Of course our produce is very tangible, and we hope to be short lived. We are not intending people to buy our product and hold on to them, we want them to eat them so they in turn come back to buy more. We would hope for an as much as possibly purchase, similar to the candy isle you see here. Then people would buy them whenever they caught their eye, and would be instantly attracted to them. We also need to totally market our product as different and more healthy than other alternatives. This is key to success in the important demographics that we need in order to clench success for our company. Once we factor in cost and demand, we will hopefully be able to find a stable price. We do not want price to high or to low, or we may find demand fluctuating to much for our needs. Our objective is to be as successful as possible, but we may need to take initial losses to do that.

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Cultural Viewpoint of the End of Life Research Paper

Cultural Viewpoint of the End of Life - Research Paper Example Death is not a feared and neither does it worry these people. This is because in several these people, death is generally embraced and besides, others celebrate its occurrence. It is of paramount importance to note that the same way other events taking place among the Hispanics are treated as family affairs, death of individuals is similarly viewed as a family issue, and all family members are always involved irrespective of their religions. In the funeral homes that specialize in their burial ceremonies, several families bring clothes as well as dresses to the departed, while a good number of them prepare the hair of the deceased by stitching it. In addition, inside the casket is lined with fabrics and the photos of Virgin Mary are pinned in the casket, moreover, Rosaries together with jewelry, books, as well as poems are also included. A wake generally takes place just before the commencement of the funeral, which is a social event whereby time is taken in order to recall the good times the family members had with the deceased. It is very hard for Hispanics to donate the bodies of the deceased or their organs in the event of death. They are usually not willing to donate based on their religious beliefs, as they believe that an individual cannot make to heaven when some parts of his body are lacking. The rights conducted before death of an individual entails anointing the sick person and confession of sins by the individual who is dying. Besides, absolution is also conducted and a prayer as well as communion is offered to the individual, and after all these, the individual is blessed. During the death of an individual, another person must be with him or her until he dies; this is to make sure that the death does not occur when the individual is alone. They always insist that a person who is on the deathbed has company. The devotion as well as care provided by these people cannot be compared with any other culture. During the final moments of an individual, he/ she receives utmost love and care (Van, & Meleis, 2003). Burial arrangement usually commences after the demise of a person and it starts with the wake. During the wake, the family of the departed person will sit the departed’s body just to provide the dead with company. The wake is very important for these people. The family gathers just to recall the good times they had with the departed. As the wake goes on, several people will play cards. Usually, individuals are served with food as well as drinks (Cuevas, n.d). During the funeral, which priests conduct, individuals pay final respect to the departed person. People usually speak their thoughts as they also bid goodbye to the departed. In several cases, personal effects are placed into the casket together with the departed individual. Hispanics represent a huge array of cultures who may be immigrants from countries that are culturally diverse like Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Per u. Because there is no one culture for the Hispanic, there may be variations in the manner in which grieving as well as bereavement are carried out. The Hispanics usually value and have respect for those in their deathbed. In the Hispanic culture, entire families are always involved when critical life decisions are made, as they usually have very strict hierarchies in their families and these have to be honored

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Role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in contributing to the Essay

Role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in contributing to the strategy of a company. if you were in a CFO position at your ch - Essay Example The supervision of the financial functions of the department is an integral part of the responsibilities of the CFO. In cases of public statements to be given on behalf of the company in the areas of financial performance, the Chief Financial Officer is the designated person to perform this task. A study of the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer of the organization in detail would reveal that the Chief Financial Officer needs to supervise the activities of record keeping, financial planning and reporting the financial performance to the top management that includes Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. ... ng essential inputs on the formation, evaluation and implementation of the strategy of the company that could be driven by the financial resources by the organization. After the strategy is formed with due consultation among the senior corporate officers of the top management, the Chief Financial Officer plays the vital role in supervising the financial performance of the company in order to meet the strategic objectives. Based on the strategic objectives of the organization, the role of the Chief Financial Officer could be broadly divided into the three areas as explained below. These could be named as the treasury function, control function and the strategy based forecasting function performed by the Chief Financial Officer. The effectiveness of the Chief Financial Officer in these areas helps in meeting the strategic objectives of the company (Handlechner, 2008, p.73). Thus the contribution of the Chief Financial Officer is extremely important in the strategic growth of the compan y. Treasury function The treasury management of the company is one of the main financial areas based on which the financial performance of the organization is determined. The treasury management of the organization deals with the managements of funds available with the organization in order to satisfy the areas if interests like investments, credit, debts, etc. so that the short term and long term goals of the company could be fulfilled. The treasury function of the Chief Financial Officer involves supervision of the performance of the treasury management, plan initiatives to address the identified gaps in the management of funds of the organization so that optimum return could be achieved in the areas of investments, and finally reporting the financial performance of the treasury

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Control in Training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Control in Training - Essay Example It is possible to distinguish three types of control: (1) routine control (from lecture to lecture), (2) monitoring (during the course) and (3) control of the skills acquired at the end of the course. It is possible to control the level of skills and personal development, compare skills of employees with certain standards or skills development of other employees (Truelove, 1995). During the training course, it is essential to provide continuing direct attention to learning process and skills of the trainees. In the sense that the supervisor will be attempting to sustain the performance of these employees, the intent will be task-related. However, the actions will be largely employee-oriented in nature and manner; the supervisor will be encouraging, reinforcing, patient, willing to listen. At this stage, the task of the manager is to support trainees and correct their actions if necessary. The instilling of standards and confidence (accompanying the skill development) during training is important for both the organization and employees. The role of the trainers is to develop certain skills and knowledge according to standards and new requirements. Employees with high self-esteem and high need for achievement, for example, appear to need feedback that gives information related to competency and control over the task.

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What do subcultural theories have to offer our understanding of youth Essay

What do subcultural theories have to offer our understanding of youth crime - Essay Example You wonder why kids, especially the male gender before 18 years of age already have a bad reputation from school, which the criminal courts can also support. These young people already understand their cultural values and what their society upholds to be morally right and wrong, yet they go against it to prove it wrong. They form independent social structures, in which they set their own rules and conduct activities to satisfy their ambitions. Sub-cultural theories have put forward motives that drive most of the young people into crime and deviance. Lynch (2000) mentioned that crime does not necessarily happen because people have been imperfectly socialized, but instead occur, for they get to be socialized in a deviant group and learn its values. Their formulated values and beliefs are what they use to justify their illegal conduct in the midst of the dominant culture. It is the desire for most people to achieve and live the American dream in their lifetime. Acquiring wealth and living a satisfactory life seems challenging and only few in the society have managed that. Although people can get a good salary, the life standard has gone up increasing the expenses incurred. This puts a barrier between the rich and the poor in the society, which determines their power to access their needs and their position in the society. According to Vito, Maahs and Holmes, the American sub cultural theories stem out of anomie and social disorganisation perspective; focusing on the lower class in the society, and the formation and activities that explain the delinquent subcultures (2007, p. 160). The concept of psychological strain on the lower social group in their state of idleness and poverty, make the people to look for alternative means to sustain their lives. Often, it is possible to see states and countries that have low economic and safety nets than others, which have high crime rates. The chances of economic and socially powerful families